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How Do You Tie Your Joora Before You Go To Bed?

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Question is above - How is it comfy for you? It really annoys me , I don´t know how to tie .. If it is to tight I get headache if it is too loose, it gets off while sleeping - and when I am asleep I turn around much and pull the hair out that makes me awake

Lol, I can tie good dastaars etc, but I fail in doing Jooras - never learnt it proper

Have you got some tips or videos etc..?

@ Moderator please movie this thread I guess I posted it in wrong section.

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what u can do is tie ur hair in the keski.. that works wanders. no gunjalzz, and keeps keski on ur head :)

get a nice material, about 3.5 meters, and use that. tie one part in ur hair, then tie the rest of the keski wen u go round n round. patkas are not the answer.

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its not totaly right to keep hair open. to respect our rom / kes, is rehet. where else are u gona put kanga if not with ur joora. : / ! :p

tie a keski at home. tie it firm, not tight.. keeps hair gud etc..


else, u cud paas for a yogi! :imslow:

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Guest Jassgill

To all who wear turban,

I searched regarding the best way to tie hairs before sleep.It says u should braide( gundna) ur hairs before u sleep or at least band them. If u r thinking to make joora before sleep, it may lead to hair loss if done constantly with high tension.

I am a sikh too thats why just suggesting u...

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Tie your hair at the back. Put one patka over it like how you will tie it if your joora was on top. Then another patka to make it look clean. 

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