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1) A Tale Of 2 Sisters (Korean) 2) Higher Learning (American) 3) Bruce Lee - Big Boss (Hong Kong) 4) Trainspotting (British) 5) Long Da Lishkara (Panjabi) no particular order, my fave genre of fi

In no particular order... Back To The Future The Rocky Horror Picture Show Aliens Star Wars Toy Story Man, it's hard just selecting 5 only but I KNOW that Back To The Future is going to be in an

Godfather - Genius from Copolla. You come for the violence but you stay for the family drama. Kill Bill - A beautiful story about badla (revenge). My sisters could do a lot worse to watch and learn h

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Watched - Eight below last night..amazing movie based on the true story of man and his unconditional love towards his pet- dogs, and dogs unconditional love towards human!!


Eight below- "Amazing story of survival, friendship and adventure ever told'

Highly recommended for pet lovers and in general for all...!!!

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After seeing the #1 polluted city in the world, the real life dialogues of 300 would be:

"Oye tonight we khaa the roti in Ludhiana!!"

It's really sad to see our rangla Punjab in such a pitiful state. :(

Y to feel piti..... if u can change it :D

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In no particular order:

First Blood (Rambo)


Ong Bak

Godfather part 2

IP Man, the second film was average at best.


Saving Private Ryan

The Naked Gun - Parts 1 and 2, had me in stitches

Kids films are just the best:

Home Alone 1

Nanny McPhee


Ice Age



Golden Compass

Lion King

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I just watched Side Effects in the movie theater ..oh boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii what a twisted devious movie plot...lol..speaking of having partakh darshan of charitar of human beings...i had my jaw opened for last half an hour of the movie... don't want to reveal too much as it would ruin it for those who haven't watched it..!!

Each and every time i see charitar in movies or partakh..i thank guru maharaj for giving us such a great social gyan by providing us full 405 deceptive/devious charitar/tales of human beings...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Glad someone brought this thread back up.

2 movies I'd recently seen to reccomend.

1) Mynn Bala. Its a Kazhak mongolian movie and it is equisite. Beautiful and inspirational as a Sikh. Kulwinder Singh Sidhu would do well to watch it and gain inspiration of how to make an epic about Sikh history. Its set in the olden days about when the Kazhaks were constantly invaded by the dzungars, forcing them to hide in the hills on horseback and learn fighting skills to reclaim their land from their oppressors. The Kazakh govt spent a multi-million dollar budget on it and it is epic in every way. Fantastic film of quality. Imagine Braveheart with even more money spent on it...even better acting....even better story etc.

2) Baba Aziz. This Persian / Arabic fim is someothing neosingh wiould love most of all because of the enduring spiritual quality of it but you'd all see the beauty in it. Mezmorising scenery and cinematography. A film that really touches the heart. At the end of it you go away with the feeling that you've just watched something truly life changing. It will hit home with us because its essence is about sufism and it possesses a bit of a punjabi aura. Minimalist in dialogue with the photography and atmosphere allowed to do much of the talking. A truly beautiful, epic, soul-uplifting movie set in the desert. As you watch it, you can't help but picture in your mind the image of Guru Nanak dev ji travelling through those same deserts many centuries earlier spreading the name of love and words of wisdom. This movie really hits the spot in terms of spiritual Sikhism.

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