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I watched cloud atlas.It was a really good movie.It has some swearing and really little nudity but It was still really good.I also watched the fountain.That was a terrific movie.

Amazing movie bro, it left me in shock. I heard the book was better, but I loved the movie. Karma, reincarnation and endless power of Vaheguru.

It's definitely for a mature audience though.

I saw - Hachi: A Dog's Tale last night...it was very good movie.


Good movie, but I hate watching movies like that. Leaves me feeling horrible lol


I saw Lone Survivor last week. About a team of navy seals who get trapped in Afghanistan. Very moving movie based on a true story.

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1) A Tale Of 2 Sisters (Korean) 2) Higher Learning (American) 3) Bruce Lee - Big Boss (Hong Kong) 4) Trainspotting (British) 5) Long Da Lishkara (Panjabi) no particular order, my fave genre of fi

In no particular order... Back To The Future The Rocky Horror Picture Show Aliens Star Wars Toy Story Man, it's hard just selecting 5 only but I KNOW that Back To The Future is going to be in an

Godfather - Genius from Copolla. You come for the violence but you stay for the family drama. Kill Bill - A beautiful story about badla (revenge). My sisters could do a lot worse to watch and learn h

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