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This is a MANMAT THREAD. How can we allow this on a sikh forum? I can't believe people watch anti gurmat movies!!

Satguru mehar karan

Daas Consciousness

I was waiting for that one..!! ...mega lol...mega lol...LMAO... :areyouhappy: :areyouhappy: :areyouhappy:

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1) A Tale Of 2 Sisters (Korean) 2) Higher Learning (American) 3) Bruce Lee - Big Boss (Hong Kong) 4) Trainspotting (British) 5) Long Da Lishkara (Panjabi) no particular order, my fave genre of fi

In no particular order... Back To The Future The Rocky Horror Picture Show Aliens Star Wars Toy Story Man, it's hard just selecting 5 only but I KNOW that Back To The Future is going to be in an

Godfather - Genius from Copolla. You come for the violence but you stay for the family drama. Kill Bill - A beautiful story about badla (revenge). My sisters could do a lot worse to watch and learn h

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I just got Inception on the strength of certain people's comments....

It'd better be good!!

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Don't do it bhai sahib. Don't waste your time when it can be spent on sas gras simran. Please rethink.



Life is a movie, atma(nirgun chaiten bhram) watches it all day 24/7-365 days as a witness(sakshi)...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Watched inception last night - really struggled with it but kept watching till the end. Personally i thought the best thing about it was the special effects of a city being folded onto itself - not my kettle of fish. I just hope The Grey (which I got on your furmaash) isn't a disappointment too........(not to mention waste of money lol)

I see I'm going to have to school some of you people on some decent, intelligent contemporary films:

Watch some these, I found them intelligent and entertaining:

Rise of the apes - prequel to planet of the apes movies - looking forward to the day we all rise up like the bunders!

Sin Nombre - Latino/US film with subtitles - very good.

Gran Turino - Clint Eastwood still going strong!

Safe - Was good, especially the fighting scenes

Safehouse - Denzil Washington


Seven Samurai

The 36 chambers of Shaolin

The green mile

Shawshank redemption

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Maybe I watched it too late in the night when my brain was a bit tired?? Was baffled at places like a flummoxed old man!! lol

Really they took the Total Recall idea (being stuck in a dream) and went wild with it.

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