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Dhunda Does It Again Beadbi Of Sri Dasam Granth

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Dhudha does not believe in

Existence of soul

Naam simran which is essence of sggs

waheguru as gurmantra



These are all core sikh beliefs. SGGS is full of myths and happenings from Hinduism Will dhundha disown sggs one day.Yes he and his anstik gang is going to do that.

GPS Paji i believe what you have written is a misinterpretation of Dhunda Sahib's opinion. Obviously, you are entitled to believe what you have stated. Any my job isn't really to defend Dhunda Sahib's position on every little point. But I will attempt to respectfully give my take on what you written as your sincere younger brother within the Panth.

No Sikh will deny aathma flat out. SSD may have denied other's interpretation of what the soul is.

No Sikh will deny naam simran since doing seva gareeba vasthay is itself a form of Naam Simran

Again if the purity of thought towards Akal Purakh and meaningful practical real life actions are not there to accompany Vaheguru as Gurmantar ... it is my understanding that this is what SSD is objecting to in the context of your point.

Transmigration in the form Hindu scholars believe is most certainly not accepted. Sikh ik vakhri Qaum ne.

Karma means "actions in this life" in Sanskrit as opposed to the lies that Bipren tell that Sikhs had 1984 coming to us due to our sins from past lives.

No Gursikh will ever deny Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. It is unfair to assume SSD will do that if we do not interpret myths which our used to illustrate moral precepts literally. For example Paji, the concept of Ganesh having respect for his parents like Sarwan Puth is crystal pure. If, however, we literally start believing in half-man half-elephant type miracles it makes a mockery of our Panth's shaheeds from multiple Ghallughara's who never benefitted from miracles and the tens of millions killed in Slavery, by the Muslim Empires, by Western Colonialism and the Cold War.

Paji I do respect that you adhere to your position honestly with sincerity of faith in Sikhi but I humbly request that you see that others hold a different viewpoint to yourself whilst also still having 100% total faith in Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj (just like yourself)

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The one person this guy needs to come face to face with is Gyani Sher Singh ji Ambala. The world will then see who has how much gyaan. Dhunda won't need to be even touched then, kyon ki jionde jee mar

1. Ragi Darshan's fake professorship isn't relevant to Dasam Granth discussion, that is correct, but he should not be misleading people into thinking that he has academic stature by attaching professo

well TBH, even english parcharak Bhai Sukha Singh says about those who doubt the authenticity of the Dasam Granth "how are they being allowed to breathe n be walking around", or sumthin along those li

So per your philosophy as well, naam simran is not repetition of waheguru Gurmantra.

Per you there is no reincarnation and there is no karma effect.

Please reply to this and confirm what you wrote above.

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So per your philosophy as well, naam simran is not repetition of waheguru Gurmantra.

UK = Not my philosophy Paji - according to Gurmat, Naam Simran is not restricted to simple repetition of Vaheguru (no matter how blessed that is in of itself)

GPS = Per you there is no reincarnation and there is no karma effect.

UK = No Paji i didn't say that. I said reincarnation in the form dictated by Manu Smriti and Hinduism is rejected by Gurmat.

UK = Indeed, karma in its original Sanskrit refers to this life - as opposed to what Manu would have us believe.

12 = this is boring

UK = Agreed Paji, we are going round in circles ... better for all of us to agree to disagree politely ... and continue the conversation on PM if need be ... whilst not losing sights of bigger issues facing the Panth

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