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need some inspiration from my fellow gursikhs. i've been doing simran since childhood and read many books about mahapurkhs, and i get so inspired, but so far i havent experienced anything... (i guess i have to work on my jeevan more)

but sometimes i lose hope.. will i ever experience this divine naam ras??

if there are any gursikhs out there who could share any of their experiences to help inspire me and other sangat it would greatly be helpful and appreciated.

bhul chuk maaf

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Guest chicken curry

What makes you want to recite naam? You did it yesterday, last week, last year.

Wasn't that enough for you? Why do you want to recite it today?

I'll tell you why because you HAVE tasted the ras of naam, That is why you keep reciting it.

Just keep on carrying on......!

I remember Sant Dhadriyan wale saying that people constantly ask for 'naam di daat' and expect that some celestial fireworks will go off when they recieve this 'daat'. But he says that if you say Waheguru once and you then desire say it only once more, then you can consider that you have received naam di daat.

In the same way you have experienced the ras of naam, thats why you carry on reciting it.

Just allow yourself to be. Dont try to look for some feeling/emotion/thought/avastha etc that you dont have.

Just keep on carrying on.......!

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I will try to explain adhyatam sikhi in simpler words don't want to confuse but its hard to explain...sorry if i struggle with words or confuse anyone.

In Sikhi, main aim for sikh is to milaap with Vahiguroo (your real self) rising above from dvait (duality) and merging in advait nirgun chetan bhram( non duality supreme consciousnesses) ...It's not seeking for naam ras..all though naam ras will come naturally through naam simran but the idea is not to proactively seek for it.

I think, each one of us have moral and spiritual duty to ask ourselves

What are we? Whats our root? Why we are here?

We are not Individual person (phalna phalna singh or singhani)

we are not physical body (its made out of 5 elements merges back in elements)

We are not astral body (made out of subtle 17 elements- sensory organs etc)

We are not karan body (astral body with mann, chit, buddh, ahankar- Antish Karan where all karams, subconciouness are stored)

So what are we? What's our root?

Guru sahib says,

Man Tu Jot Saroop hai apna mool painchan ||

Mool = Root

Joti Saroop- Atma-paratma (Vahiguroo)

Guru maharaj is saying with self reflection (bibek buddhi), hey mind you are joti saroop... take your mind back to its root (mool), know yourself.

Root of Mind is jot saroop that does not have any individuality. In that original state there is not even mind but only nirgun chaiten bhram (atma-paratma). So Guru Maharaj is saying to go back to your root and understand and know your real self.

Atma Paratama Iko Karaie, Antar Ki Dubta Antar Maraie ||

Atam Chinish Paratam soi ||

Atam Ras Neh Jannehi Sio Haie Khalas Dev,

Prab Meh Mo Meh Tas Meh Ranchak Naeh Bhaiv ||

Why we are here?

'Bhai Prapat Manukh Dehuria

Gobind Milan ki Eh Teri Baria

Avar Kaaj Tere Kite N Kam

Mil Sadh Sangat Bhaj Keval NAAM

After so long you got this human life, don't waste it this is your chance to meet gobind, there is no purpose for other work, meet sangat of saints (must) and do naam simran (must).

So this whole journey starts from two- dvait/duality (individualistic mind) and ends with one (advait).

Recite the naam the way you normally do..however make bairaag and prem as your wings when you fly(do naam simran).. don't expect any miracles, pro-actively seek for naam ras, miracles...all these things will come in naturally...these are reference points in journey but not the destination itself.

Sant isher singh ji rara sahib said in the divan, during his own journey all bhramand shaktiya's and sukhsham maya came to him with their hands folded, but their bairaag was too much that they didn't thought of them and keep moving on towards milaap of vahiguroo.

So its highly recommended by saints to incorporate atamik vichar (self reflection), bairaag and prem all of your day and incorporate them with naam simran..true bairaag is not only when only listening to bairaagi katha or kirtan but true bairaagi is also bairaagi all time even while doing social chores.

Sant jarnail singh bhindranwale also said, sikhi marg is not just only getting up at amritvela and did panj baaniyas in amritvela or naam simran as an duty then went back to sleep with kambal on top or go back to social life....all time we need to do gurbani abhyaas/self reflection vichaar with bibek buddhi all the time.

Lately i myself have been trying to do self reflection in a day, its seems to be working by maharaj kirpa hopefully slowly will get there but generally speaking- its quite fun game everyone can try it, in layam terms consider your mind as mouse and bibek buddhi as - cat. As soon mind as in mouse run towards worldy desires let loose your bibek buddhi- cat to catch mouse and bring back the mouse and make mouse realize, you are not mouse/mind you are joti saroop which does not have wordly desires, thoughts nor mann joti saroop is rajo,tamo, sato nor man joti saroop is body, mind- thoughts, consicouness, desires..these are not your true reflection....!! you very true nature is - Ikongkar sat(sat) Gur(chit/chaitan) Parsad(anand)- nirgun chetan bhram..!!

So at the end, with incorporating atamik vichar (I am not body, mind, antish karan, panj kosh), bairaag/prem (this world is illusion and real world(chaitan) is all vahiguroo all prevading) and incorporating that your real self is nigun chetan bhram (Vahi- Acharaj roop Guru-Chaitain atma-paratma superme consciouness) and then sit in simran and do simran of Vahiguroo (Vahi- Acharaj Roop Guru- Chaitan Atma-Paratma)..infuse your surti/birthi/dyan in Vahiguroo simran just like murda(dead body) has totally infused in the grave.

One day, hopefully everyone including you and everyone else veer will get there...naam ras/anand will come naturally along with powers(ridhi sidhiya) along with divine parkash, maha anand etc..but keep moving with bairaag with prem until loosing yourself in vahiguroo (Gyan of shabad- Nirgun chetan bhram/Wonderful chaitan-atma-paratma).!!

kabir tu tu karta tu hua , mujh mein rha na hoon

jab aapa par ka mitt gya , jat dekhaan tat tu ||

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Guest singh

Veer ji, japping naam is not just moving your mouth, it also requires one to be one with Vaheguru as well i.e. you should try doing seva as well. Also it could be down to how you jap naam. Some people just jap naam to write down that they have done 10 jap jee sahibs today etc, however try japping naam slowly so you hear the bani with your ears as well and NOT just jappping naam fastly.

Also do Ardaas to Guru Jee, and say to Guru Jee please let me experience Gurbani, please implant Gurbani within my heart...'

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Very excellent veechar by N30S1NGH Ji, thank you

Sant isher singh ji rara sahib said in the divan, during his own journey all bhramand shaktiya's and sukhsham maya came to him with their hands folded, but their bairaag was too much that they didn't thought of them and keep moving on towards milaap of vahiguroo.

Please can you specify which divan? Many thanks

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Be humble and do good deeds

Drop the ego, drop the 'i did this for someone' or 'i did this seva'

Control your kaam, krodh, lobh, moh, ahankaar as much as you can

dont get into arguments,

follow hukam, feel what you should be doing in the moment, be sincere, dont do things for any material or worldy gain, think of seva as a gift you are allowed to do

and just keep going, as the rest is all kirpa/prasad

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listening to more sakhis will onyl giv u so much fuel. id suggest that u think how are u actually doing it.. who are u telling about ur experiences. or complaining to etc.. fact is, its a process. we cant expect the rus, just by sitting there for hours on end. though, this is where we do get summin.. if u do this, when you get tired, thasts when the true process starts.

first, we realise what we need to do. this is...... 1. mental stage..

2. emotional stage. we must feel it within our hearts. this happens when you realise wiht your mind what bani is. do lota bani, 2 hours 1 sitting, then bani will start hitting u after a few times. and u will automatically speak waheguru.. this is the true only kinda nam simran there is.. speaking it, helps to get to this stage (of saying waheguru with meaning.). this is when ur naam is going anhad. this needs a few atempts. then it will carry on.. in form of anhad shabad. its reely this easy. but hard at the same time.

3. physical stage.. this is when you feel it. this is what u want without going thru the process.. its a step by step thing.. and its like this for a reason.. neway.

after this stage, then u get the 4. spiritual stage. this is the gul of dasam dwaar, and the gupha.. u hav to get the gupha first (create it in ur brain - naam simran). to go into ur dasam dwaar. then it will open, then thats when ur true spiritual journey starts.

this is the main overview.

stage by stage is how u hav to do it.. no point in saying, "i dont feel it" if ur not doing the bani properly with ur mind (#1stage) to then feel it in ur heart (#2stage)..

good luck on this amazing journey.. speak less. no need in complaining.. if u find happiness true shaant sumehere, just live in there for as long as u can.. thats what love is.. then u do ur naam simran, and u can then, do the ardaas to gruu G in the form of naam, and then through gur kirpa, your mind will realise things.


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Waheguruji Ka Khalsa Waheguruji Ke Fateh.. Das nu about two years ho gaye amrit de dath prapat kiti nu.. and i have seen many ups and downs strugglin to keep my amrit vela .. sometime for week dass wake up at 4am then goes to back 6am now dass at 5am .. I do halfhour simran then nitnam upto Tavparsaad sayei rest I do in my car way to work.. how can I imrove myself.. Dass is married with two kids .. I can't go to bed earlier the 10pm .. .. HELP!! .. dass want to have the same felling as fellow singhs..

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its best to do it in one go. and 10pm, is the majic number to go to sleep. wake up 4-5 hours later do nitnem n naamsimran, then go ava nap (best sleep eva! boh kirpa hogi!), then wake up after. get redy n go work..

naam simran is only naam simran if you feel it.. atm, we go by kaal. time. so this is y AV is imporetnt. but, Quesrion, whats the amritvela (AV) of saadhus and sants? its all the time!

everymoment we find mazingness at work, skool, uni whatever, that is the time to jup! contain that amazing feeling, and it will reard you 10 100 even sumtimes 1000 tmes over. if we start talkin bout the feeling, then it wont stay with us.. people might start calling u a "dizzy blad" ;P or a bit "crazy".. but thas the amazing feling that no one can take away from you. and its best left unsaid!

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Guest happysingh

In the year i went to sangat the most i had more improvement than past four or five years. If u keep japping and try avoid vikaars over time u will get naam ras.

I know a corporate accountant with kids who spends all weekend doing as much seva as possible at gurughar. He issuper busy but uses his spare time wisely. Gyani thakur singh ji mentioned a singh hl

Who did the same, spent his entire day off in naam and worked rest of time. That singh got amazing kirpa on hik.

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