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    • People catch colds all the time. For the elderly and immuno compromised, it sometimes turns into pnumonia and people die.  The symptoms are so generic we could be confusing several simple layers, throw in some hypocondriacs and label some heart attacks covid and bam. 
    • Most of the postmen and delivery drivers in london are muslims. It seems a particular type of inhumane evil minded muslims who are determined to spread coronavirus plague. The only thing people can do is make sure they do not open their post until a few days receiving it and/or sanitizing it with anti-bacterial products.
    • "Get Brexit done" , "whatever it takes ", "Stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives”...it's the power of 3. Basically the likes of Cummings and his team  who actually come up with the words that politicians (the faces) say, know that the most the thick plebs remember is 3 word slogans or 3 slogans made of three words (Stay at home, protect the NHS, and save lives”).. then you repeat repeat..
    • How's everyone holding up with the lockdown? I worry for folks who have never had to spend extended periods of time in one place. It's a real shock to the system. I suggest keeping your mind active as much as possible with things that don't involve worrying and watching the news, lol. If you've got a backyard, sit outside for a while, breathe in the fresh air, listen to nature, etc. Don't stay couped up inside, especially since the weather's warming up in the UK at least. Keep yourself active within the walls of your home as much as possible. Listen to Gurbani or Kirtan. You may not believe it, but it works in ways that affect us on certain frequencies that gives us peace and contentment when done regularly. 
    • All these modern deras are set up by the government too    I dnt understand what the government gets out of these deras though?  These deras are super powerful.   Beas wala dera is very popular in doaba and peoples have donated miles and miles and miles of land to the dera        government must get some money out of these places? And in return the deras maybe promote the party and get the party votes?    The amount of land these deras have is mad  
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