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In no particular order, just taken from playlist I use to rip audio off to put on my ipod... Can only embed 5 videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sB-G5LQGII&

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    • I was at an event in the Imperial War Museum over twenty years ago. There were lots of brit army types there. Highranking  and midranking too. Apnay were pushing for a Sikh regiment back then. The goray gave bull5hit excuses as to why not (don't ask me to repeat them here).  They have always tried to micro control us. They aren't that stupid that they don't know that a modern Sikh regiment could go against their wishes and agendas, and swing things against them. Thankfully it looks like we aren't the docile, childishly loyal chumchay some of our ancestors may have been. Or goray plain don't trust us to behave docilely like they did previously?) Look at how these lot left us to mass rape and murder at partition. You know they never even bothered to give the Sikh sepoys pensions for their services after WW2 - that's how much 'respect' they had for them.  Fight for these f**kers in morally dubious wars, and you're their hero - fight for your own people's sovereignty or against grooming gangs, raping and abusing your womenfolk and even female children - and you're a terrorist or extremist....... Look at where we are now in europe, with Russia poised on Ukraine's border. Is it any of our business? Previously we'd have hordes of broke jut pendus jumping in - but now, we may get to see these lot f**king each over. Don't help, and buss out the popcorn.   Sikhs fight for Sikh causes.    Look at Sant Ishar Singh ji. They were in the fauj for a short while, but prioritised their bhagti, even sneaking in simran when they should have been on duty. In the end (my family told me), they threw their angreez issued rifle in a river, and dedicated their lives to Sikhi parchaar.    Dhan Dhan Sant Ishar Singh ji Maharaj! 
    • @GurjantGnostic what  do you think the main message is from this story ?
    • I've read the original article here https://www.worldaffairsboard.com/forum/international-defense-geopolitics-discussion/europe-and-russia/20809-sikh-regiment-dumped-over-racism-fears @dallysingh101 do you think the Army were worried about training Sikhs who could then go against them ? Was there any Indian Govt influence back then ?   @dallysingh101 lol I know for example that many Mahapurkh from Bhai Daya Singh Ji Samparda were in Fouj. But @dallysingh101was ahead of most even many years ago. The part about : "Sikh joined British army during mutiny era (1850's) because our forefathers saw julam against British families from gujrat to Bombay (butchring)."      This is news to me. Can anyone confirm ? So, the British just treated Sikhs badly . 
    • I bet the Muslim population has gone up, they are Gremlins once it gets a bit wet they don't stop popping out.
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