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Gurdwara Run Party Halls Creeping Back In...? What's The Approach Now?

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It's been over a year since infamous Dudley Protest against the Gurdwara committee run hall allowing meat and alcohol parties.

With news that Ramgharia Gurdwara Coventry Committee have gone back to hosting weekly meat alcohol parties in the annexed Ramgharia Hall despite Akal Takht's clear Hukumnamas, Sandesh and Aadesh...

Swindon Gurdwara Committee oppose an inter-faith marriage as it defies Akal Takht... but still allow meat alcohol parties in the hall they run next to the Gurdwara...

Dudley Gurdwara Committee made an announcement on the Gurdwara stage last week that the hall has been re-opened and is ready for booking meat alcohol parties...despite the volatility of the situation...

Have things really changed in the last 12 months and how do we continue to tackle this epidemic? Akal Takht have provided the guidance but the Sikh doesn't seem to bothered ensure it's adhered to...

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The latest aadesh to come from Akal Takht was only dated 8th February 2012 which once again re-affirmed that under no circumstances can meat and alcohol be served on a Gurdwara premises and Gurdwara owned halls. This aadesh was distributed to every single Gurdwara in the UK.

Last night I got a text about a party at Ramgarhia Gurdwara Coventry this Friday 6th July. Ramgarhia Coventry are one of the committees who continually defy anything Akal Takht have stated and continue to allow parties on site serving meat and alcohol in a hall named after the great Gursikh Baba Jasa Singh" Ramgharia". It's only a matter of time before a party booking is made back in the Dudley Gurdwara owned Hall despite all the drama of last year.

Sangat Update and Press Release - 13 February 2012

Sri Akal Takhat Sahib issues further Aadesh regarding Gurdwara’s and party halls

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Satkaar Campaign Sevadaars are pleased to inform the UK Sikh Sangat that Sri Akal Takhat Sahib has issued a further Aadesh (edict) which re-confirms that no anti Gurmat activities such as parties with meat and alcohol are permitted on any Gurdwara owned or related property.

Gurmukhi version of Aadesh:


English translation of Aadesh:


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These issues can only be resolved when local sangat take interest and lead in fixes the problems in their areas. Beyond this, these corupt committees will keep quiet for a couple of months and then start up the manmat actions again.

We all want a super organisation who we can pass our problems on to but the reality is that its up to the individual and local sangat to make these committees feel that they cannot do this.

Sri Akal Takht Sahib have done their part by outruling the use and consumption of meat, alcohol and tobacco on any Gurdwara owned property. It's up to the local sangats to implement in their Gurdwaras, otherwise we simply bemukhs.

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I agree with TavPrasad Singh about this won't get resolved unless the local sangat step up.

Also, education is key, educate the young by getting invlovled in punjabi schools ourselves and implementing Sikhi, they will take over the gurdwara's in the future. This is a long-term plan and won't yield results over night...but it's the only lsolution to rid our Gurwara's of this bakwaas. Look how many decades of education it took before the panth woke up and then went onto to morchae and prevented the maha-beadbi taking place under the control of the mahants in 1880's+.

Like i say, education it's a long term solution which we need to start heavily investing in now...so while the morchae should still continue, it's through education we will actually be able to rid our Gurdwara's of these beadbi's once and for all.

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Like i say, education it's a long term solution which we need to start heavily investing in now...so while the morchae should still continue, it's through education we will actually be able to rid our Gurdwara's of these beadbi's once and for all.

Definitely, this is where the Satkaar Campaign is failing. The pressure of morchay is only momentary, the whole education and change management programme is the most effective. However, in order to to that committed manpower/sewadars are needed and perhaps that's what's lacking.

But essentially, the Committees who have their own alcoholic agendas need to be removed and the right Sikhs need to take the Gurdwaras over. This will be difficult with the caste run Gurdwaras like Ramgarhia Coventry who have cunningly safeguarded their kursiya via their constitutions by not allowing non-Ramgharias to join the committee.

Being a voting member of your local Gurdwaras is so important as the lack of Gursikh input in the Gurdwara system is dangerous and that's how we have ended up with so many agenda-driven prabhandak committees promoting Manmat instead of Gurmat.

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