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"mixed Marriages" Morchay - The Media Reporting

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if they held a sword to his neck they should be criminally charged

and regardless the couple will get married no matter how insecure those guys felt with a sikh girl marrying a black guy

as well rather then interupting the wedding why not focus on finding a solution to the lack of sikh education amongst sikhs

less and less sikhs go to the gurdwara and the politics seem to increase

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most sikh guys get insecure when they see a sikh girl with someone else

rather then get insecure what you guys should focus on is how can you educate these girls on the beauty of sikhism

like how it fights for equality and women rights

when a sikh girl is educated on sikhi and what it fights for they usually want to marry a guy who believes in the same thing

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in the uk why do sikh girls continue to go with muslims

is it same reason they wear skirts and get drunk and run around with low self esteem

most sikhs don't know how to address community issues

hence why problems get worste like drugs alchole self esteem

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As far as the behavior of some girls, I also wonder why the “Sikh girls” in Canada and USA “prefer” to go out with gorey Christians. Then behave as if they are far superior to those girls who do not behave like them. These must be very complicated issues, I suppose.


However, I think many of the “educated” Sikhs (otherwise ignorant about the principles of Sikhi) seem to think that “Sikhism” being liberal religion, in it everything goes and all things are allowed or should be allowed in Sikhi. And they go to show their liberalism even if they have to become atheists or leave Sikhi and adopt another religion and still think that they are Sikhs. They seem to think that if they are born in Sikh family they remain Sikhs no matter what, even if they are doing every thing against Sikhi. – Sikhi has its principles. Not everything and all things are acceptable in Sikhi.


-- Sikhi is not genetically transmitted. One has to practice Sikhi to remain a Sikh. Till you are able to give them this understanding we shall keep seeing this situation. It is because of such misunderstandings that we have people justifying the practice like conducting Annand Karj interfaith marriages

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Good job by those guys stopping this Anand karaj. Shame on the gyani for ignoring Akal Takhts hukamnama. It had nothing to do with color of skin as said in the newspaper.

But they had no business going to wherever the legal marriage was taking place and trying to stop that.

If you read the reports, they went there because a rumour was floated that Guruji was being taken to the location of the civil ceremony. They had every right to stop further beadbi taking place.

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if they held a sword to his neck they should be criminally charged

and regardless the couple will get married no matter how insecure those guys felt with a sikh girl marrying a black guy

as well rather then interupting the wedding why not focus on finding a solution to the lack of sikh education amongst sikhs

less and less sikhs go to the gurdwara and the politics seem to increase

The sword to the neck seems a tad extreme but sometimes these things might need to be done to ensure that money grabbing Granthis don't carry out any further beadbi and get the point, no pun intended.

No one is insecure about a girl like her marrying a black guy. Just as some girls marry out of Sikhi so do some non-Sikh girls marry into Sikhi. The non-committed is gone and we get a Sikhni who is committed to the faith.

The issue is about the beadbi of the Guru and you can see the agenda of the family, in that they do not mention that issue but want to present it as a race issue.

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There is an other new paper reporting it.

Someone from you (living in U.K) should respond to the article by writing comments at the site below.


According to Sikh Code for performing religious ceremony in Sikh Gurdwara (Sikh temple) both the groom and bride have to be the adherents of Sikh religion. This requirement may not be different from other religions like Islam and Catholic. The temple management should not have agreed to perform this ceremony in the temple (if they indeed agreed to perform). The couple should have had a civil marriage performed. The protest does not seem to be about the race but it seems to be against having the religious ceremony performed between two people of two of different religions in Sikh temple. The family of the bride seems to be asking to bend the rules for them.

Please, write something there in comments to explain the situation.


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One suggestion. Can the Singhs who went to stop this beadbi consider that if they have to do this again, not to go dressed in hoodies and jeans. Can you imagine if they had gone in smart suits that the newsreport would have used emotive words and expressions such as 'miltants', 'stormed the gurdwara' or 'threat of violence'

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No doubt, in years to come we will look back at these kinds of protests and recognise them as a series of morchay to uphold Rehit Maryada...but in the meantime it's a damage limitation exercise and like all protests the aftermath needs to be handled properly.

Now is the time to contact the likes of Sikh Council UK and other appointed national Sikh bodies to represent at a senior level what the Sikh stand on the Anand Karaj as per Sikh Rehit Maryada. As you can see from the lazy reporting in the mainstream media there has been no consultation with any official Sikh body. If this was a Jewish, Christian or Muslim story then the media would have consulted the senior representatives of those faiths.

Sikh Rehit Maryada was paramount in defining us as a distinct ethnic group (Mandla V Dowell-Lee 1982) in House of Lords, our elders were able to discuss this articulately with the British elite. Rehit Maryada is something not to be ashamed of discussing, so the silent self appointed leaders of the UK Sikh Community need to get out of the shadows and represent Sikh Maryada in the mainstream in order to mitigate the accusations of racism and bigotry.

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Joint statement by Sikh youth bodies UK.

Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

Guru Roop Sadh Sangat Ji.

In relation to Anand Karaj incident in Swindon 30th July, it is very disturbing how disgruntled members of the community are using this platform to grossly exaggerate events and tarnish the Sikh image in the media.

Facts and Time line of Events:

1. Swindon Gurdwara’s 3 previous marriages have been put to question.

Committee confirm 2 inter-faith marriages took place pre-2007, before Akaal Thakt issued clarification of Anand Karaj criteria. Since then one wedding took place where the bride had adopted the Sikh faith.

2. The Anand Karaj maryada has been clearly on display outside the booking office in the Gurdwara for many years now.

3. Harbhajan kaur Momi, the mother of the bride, booked this wedding by not declaring the Boys faith.

4. The committee were made aware of the groom’s faith from 3rd parties some 4 weeks prior to the Anand Karaj date.

5. Since then, dialogue between the committee & family to change arrangements have all failed, the family have refused to change plans, and have threaten to sue the Gurdwara.

6. The family were contacted by senior members of the Sikh community, again there was a refusal to consider any options.

7. A week before the Anand Karaj, 5 pyaareh (5 Beloved ones) gave a polite hukam (request) to the family to confirm the groom has adopted the Sikh faith, if not, they can still attend the Gurdwara on the day and do kirtan and Ardas to see their guests off.

8. The resident Giani’s (priests) of the Gurdwara, refused to carry out the Anand Karaj on hearing this hukam from 5 Pyaare

9. The family responded by saying they will bring their own Giani (priest).

10. The Gurdwara do not have any knowledge of this new priest, his background or track record, therefore cannot allow an unknown person to take Sewa of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.

11. On the day of the Anand Karaj, the President of The Gurdwara, the Vice President and Ex President were all present, along with senior members of the Sikh community from outside Swindon.

12. The allegation of 40 men from Birmingham and Southall entering the Gurdwara has been grossly exaggerated. Many of these people were from Swindon and included a local football team, which included some non-sikhs too.

13. The gates were closed by the President of the Gurdwara, who decided on the back of i) Marayada ii) Families aggressive attitude iii) Unknown person to take charge of the stage and sewa of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. iv) 5 pyaarey Hukam

After consultation with the committee and senior members of the Community.

14. The police arrived outside the gates shortly, the President said “I am in charge; we have decided to cancel a wedding. It is a private matter, it is a private property”

15. Absolutely no member of the family came to the gurdwara. (neither did the groom) False reporting by the Sun “newspaper”

16. Absolutely no violence, intimidation, or banter was present.

17. The langur was served by the Gurdwara sewadars.

18. Catering staff joined in with prayers, there was no intimidation what so ever.

19. The Aunt and uncle of the Bride entered much later, they used abusive language to senior members of the community, but were allowed to release their frustration unchallenged.

20. We can confirm the new priest who was called to do the Anad Karaj, was also lied to, and he had refused and went home straight away.

Quotes by:

Raghdir Bains: A radical who is disgruntled and has been sidelined by the community for his continuous defiance of allowing Meat and alcohol in Guruwara owned properties. This person has a track record of opposing orthodox Sikh teachings. He has previously resorted to violence and intimidation with elderly members of the community.

Dr Harbans Popli; Was not present on the day, has made a statement because of his close personal ties with the family and has only 2nd hand information via the family.

Biased Newspaper coverage:

“This is Wiltshire” Article: Grossly exaggerated and hugely offensive article based on one families interpretation of what took place. The family was not present at the Gurdwara, nor was the groom to have any first hand information. No interview with the management committee of the Gurdwara, why not?

Threats to kill: Completely unsubstantiated.

We can only conclude this is amateur reporter, Josh Layton does not have the experience and unable to report both sides of a story.

The Sun Article: based entirely on Josh Layton’s article, with even more exaggerated claims:

“This is Wiltshire” Article: “We had a caterer in charge of the breakfast. They ate all the food and then told him ‘go or we’ll kill you’ – Referring to the Caterer

The Sun Article: “They ate all the food and then told him (the groom) ’go or we’ll kill you’. – The Groom was not even present

This is comical one sided reporting – We urge the media to be responsible in their reporting

Sikh leaders have confirmed they are in dialogue with the police and no threats or intimidation have been report. The police confirm it was a private function, on private property, cancelled by the management.

The Anand Karaj ceremony is a Sikh specific ceremony and interfaith marriages via Anand Karaj is against the Sikh code of conduct.

This does not mean Sikh’s object to inter faith marriages or choices people make in the personal lives, via any other means. Court Marriages etc.

The Sikh Code of Conduct is quite clear, and vast majority of Gurdwaras abide by it.

Sikh Youth bodies UK

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If they're trying to stop these nonsensical multi-religious weddings than fair play.

The guy is a kala anyways. The 2011 riots showed everyone what kalas get up to. Sikhs should avoid associating with them.

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    • Many of current Sikh youth (16 and under) have special auras, they got lifetimes of bhagati Take example of how there is huge demand for certain jobs, where they get like 500 applications for 1 role. There is also a huge demand for obtaining the human body, for the opportunity to merge back into God. Once upon a time this earth was a beautiful place, during satyug, then what happened? As people do more paap, the soul they give birth to has less bhagati. It's a downward spiral from there. These people killing each other today, who do you think they were before this? They were ghosts and spirits. When parents don't have bhagati and too much paap that's the type of soul they give birth to. There's no shortage of good souls waiting to take birth, but they require parents with suitable bhagati which is very hard to find. Daas had a vision through dasam duar about khalsa raj, that right now there's nearly 1 billion (call it 960 million if you want) souls (not body's, raw souls - like ghosts but harmless) on this earth and they are begging 24/7 from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji to be blessed a human life. They are souls from satyug who need 1 more life to take amrit before they can enter sachkhand. So while humans waste their life away blinded by maya, these souls are non stop doing seva and begging guru sahib ji for the gift of human life.  Today's young generation are more into Sikhi than their parents, in turn they give birth to souls with even more bhagati - upward spiral. The coming times are scary. The ones who have taken amrit, their souls will enter directly into sachkhand then take birth again during peaceful times to complete their remaining karams etc. 
    • Anything in particular making you feel this way? 
    • You need to read history, we were doing really well before they turned up. By the time they left, it was a mess. 
    • 1. my parents brought me here as a child. I didn't choose to. 2. I will not be here forever. 3. They got great benefits from the services of Punjabi men fighting their wars. 4. They ruined the structure of our homeland by giving away the good part to muslims. So they fully deserve to get a taste of their own medicine. 5. They still loot resources from third world countries. 6. If they can come, colonize and occupy entire countries by their policies of divide and rule in the name of "trade", why can't pocs go to their countries to work? I am pretty sure the colonization was to extract as much resources as possible and not for the benefit of the people. So who cares if certain groups of pocs are living on benefits in their countries or cause issues. I'm pretty sure when they were ruining your homeland they weren't thinking about all these things.Some of you all care too much on behalf of a group of people who dont care whether you live or die. It's like it hurts you more than them every time you people go " sO wHy ArE yOu LiViNg In ThEiR cOuNtRiEs".  
    • Then why do you live in a 'Euro' country? 
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