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How Does This Relate To Sikhs

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I live in the UK.

What made us great in the past was that we were very compassionate (I think we still are), fought for others rights, never opressed people (during the Sikh Empire everyone was an equal) and we were brave.

But yes the worst thing that has happened to us is greed.

I know plenty of Sikhs who are Amritdhari or come from Amritdhari families and their only goal is to make as much money as possible so that they can have the flashest car etc. Some will even go to illegal lengths by performing fraud to obtain this money.

You only have to look at our weddings to see people hiring Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Basically our culture these days is all about showing off. We will do anything to make money even if it involves breaking the law.

Aunties gossip about flana having this and that. This in turn creates an atmosphere of jealousy. This is unhealthy.

This is why a lot of apne hate each other. My dad even told me a joke that someone told him. A muslim will get so happy when he sees another muslim, he will shake his hand or give him a hug. An apna sees another Sikh and he will get gusa and look the other way!

It reminds of school, other Sikhs ocassionaly started trouble with me, along with the muslims. But it was extremely rare for a muslim to start trouble with another muslim.

We screw each other over. Look at all the deaths in Punjab in the 80s and 90s. 95% of these were carried out by fellow 'Sikhs' like KPS Gill. It's because they were given pay rises and promotions by holding these fake encounters.

Muslims and jews are famous for looking after their own, we are sadly not.

We need to get rid of this obsession with greed and showing off. Sikh youth listening to rap music in the west is not good either as this also promotes a greedy, 'showing off' life.

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