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Bhai Mohan Singh (Sas) Talking About Pakistani grooming gangs.


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Sikhs may not have any problems in USA as population is spread out.

I think it has started in Canada also with sikh girls.

Yes it has. I had these same thoughts as well and I know they have similar kinds of people like this the UK in Canada.

These guys are scared to start something like this in USA because they know they will get more than just a few "kutt" from dande.

In New Jersey area there was a criminal by the name a who owned 50 or so liquor gas stations. He used to con customers by adjusting the gas meter and steal a few cents per gallon and made millions. To make a long story short he was a murderer and killed employees, but there was an incident when Pakis were harassing Punjabi Sikh families in a certain area with gandian gandian gallan.

This man heard about it and "kisse de kann vich fook marti" and they rained down the pakis with autos and the entire gang was wiped out. I heard that the police even let them go because they were happy to get rid of them.

After this incident his criminal activity caught up to him. He's rightfully serving life in prison now.

He used to have body guards if someone was brave enough to go close to him. Didn't post the name, but i can pm you the news/wiki article. Wouldn't want to promote this guy otherwise.

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