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India China Headed For War?

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It seems the stage is set for war due to certain devolepments one rapid increase in Pakistan nuclear weapons secondly rise of muslim fanatics and hindu fanatics on both sides.Another blunder Indian overconfidant officials made to chanllenge china on sea on south China sea and other places and utterances of their hinduwadi scientists that they can destroy China in mintues and chnese doctrine of 2003 in which it has excluded India from first strike and stated it will and has capabitity to destroy indian missiles.This makes clear that there is going to be war and India is going to be suffered.Shamsere u should address Sant ji in respect u have ignored many young singhs r raising slogans in favor of khalastan so there is determined support for it which should be admitted.

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well done for coming up with the classic chestnut line. If a sikh knows nothing bowt the whole khalistan issue, hes considered a coconut, if a sikh wud rather b with india, then hes considered a sello

trust me brv, allow the waste mans you get me its not like the 2012 slang is a foreign language. Dont get me wrong, pull out the posh language when needed enit but shouldnt shy away from the way you s

no need to do to this

If there was an India and China war Sikhs in India will obviously fight for India as there is a Sikh regiment and Sikhs will again suffer losses, so I don't see a point of being happy or wait for India and China to fight. If there is a war and it goes nuclear or any other kind of weapons of mass destruction, Punjab doesn't have a special shield in its airspace that will prevent the effects of the weapons entering its border so Punjab will also suffer.

Before you comment and get happy over thing you need to think what the consequences are.

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When the Afghans and Maratha armies wiped each other in 1761 Battle of Panipat , the Sikhs filled the vacuum and took control of vast areas of North India. If the Indians and Chinese do go to war hopefully it will leave another vacuum for ths Khlasa to rise. Sikhs in the Indian army should desert in any war against China as they will only be used as cannon fodder by incompetent Indian Generals. In the 1962 war with China serial adulterer Nehru and his cousin Gen Brij Mohan Kaul made a complete mess of the war, thousand of Sikhs were killed needless attacks. Gen Kaul is alleged to have eaten a bar of soap when he lost his nerve in the war to claim illness.


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