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    • I don't think the majority of british raised people have the physical strength and mentality to do graft like kheti myself?  But who knows? Plus, we have all the tractors/combine harvesters etc. I think it takes a certain type of personality type to graft it out, outdoors. Plus I wonder how we'd handle the heat in summer? From the sounds of it, many young desi juts seem to be resistant to grafting the farms themselves.  I wonder how outsiders would handle being in rice paddies, or raw soil most of the day?  BUT....what we might get is less resistance to modern techniques of farming?  Thinking about it, we'd probably get a wider range of produce being grown to suit our tastes too. Stuff desis don't eat, but we do.  I'm sure some enterprising brother might cultivate some new strain of cannabis and call it: Panjab OG Kush (or whatever else you crazy youngsters are naming these things these days) and selling that worldwide. lol!! The big question is whether we could sustain ourselves out there?    
    • We could go to the cities and make them Sikh majorities... Yes, good idea, could open English Medium schools with teachers who speak English with English accents. How many 'jutts' and others from the UK do you think would be open to doing kheti and reduce the reliance on Biharis ?
    • A best case scenario is that we rejuvenate the place. But I know pinds, they are seriously averse to any change.  So I guess most of us will gravitate towards towns.  Having worked with many desis over the years, I think that us refugees would have serious problems with finding employment, and that resentment desis have towards vlathees, will be at play for most of us. We'll be the targets for all the 'one upmanship' crap.   I think the cultural differences will make us frustrated. That being said,  we may cause cultural change to accommodate our tastes and have various cafes and restaurants opening up for instance. Maybe the standard of English would improve as some of us could work as teachers. Some progressive international businesses might hire us for our accents to talk to other companies in other western countries.   I mean I imagine the skill set of Panjab would shoot up dramatically because of it, but I don't know how that crabs in a bucket mentality would affect us?  
    • Leaving that aside, say it was a Jew/Holocaust situation.  I mean in an idealistic world where Sikhs were more united, how much power/influence would they have in Punjab and India and how would India as a whole , react ?
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