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Baba Joginder Singh Domeli Wale

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Wjkk wjkf. I have heard a few things about this Sant jogindra singh, does anyone know of his history especially at Guru Har Rai Gurdwara?

Why was he there and also an independent committee? Why was the committee formed if he was the successor after baba Harbans singh? 

I have read that Baba Harbans Singh was a great soul, but not much is written about this sant. He used to be called Giani Ji first but now he has goes by Sri Maan Sant Baba etc not sure if he has reached the 108 level yet. 

Noone knows anything about his past. 

He used to do aarti every sunday at west brom gurdwara and it used to be quite nice.

I have asked some of the Bhatt sangat about him as apparently he can gift women with sons and make businesses a success. Alot of Bhattre go to him and have said that the fellas around him are all Bhattre too he himself is also a bhattra. 
so he just seems like a dera type guy

He left guru har rai gurdwara and opened a Bhattra gurdwara in handsworth wood. The boys around him do good kirtan in raags but I don’t see them doing any active sikhi parchar that will have a good impact on the community other than the them and baba jogindra having a special feast in his room separate from the pangat in the langar hall.

I have been to the his gurdwara a few times just to listen to aarti but the  whole set up there just seems weird as you have a sant in his room then these other strange nihang wannabe type fellas floating About around him. The place definitely does not follow nihang maryada infact I don’t know what maryada it does follow, it doesn’t even follow sant dera maryada. 

At west brom gurdwara alot of people used to give him money, where is this spent? If it’s spent on seva then where are the accounts? 

What are his views on Khalistan? 

Is he a panthic sant or just another money grabber just out there to fill his belly? 

please reply


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