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    • Thoughts on upcoming Documentary by Sukhmani Kaur ji please watch & share https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157700150740874&id=500775873&refid=52&_ft_=mf_story_key.10157700150740874%3Atop_level_post_id.10157700150740874%3Atl_objid.10157700150740874%3Acontent_owner_id_new.500775873%3Athrowback_story_fbid.10157700150740874%3Aphoto_id.10157700133520874%3Astory_location.9%3Astory_attachment_style.video_inline&__tn__=-R
    • All true, and also entirely besides the point, bro, because nobody who is smoking it in the West just got back from Dharam Yudh.
    • Nihungs most certainly do not smoke weed. They might ingest, but they have never smoked it. What's the point of saying you agree with @KING_SINGH if you say it's OK to smoke weed for relaxation? The only reason you might use a drug is for pain relief, and that too if you're not getting high on it. That includes drugs you get from the doctor.
    • You should avoid the company of those "amritdhari singhs". You're going about it wrong if you're looking for a mention of "steroids" in Gurbani. What you should be doing is approaching life with the mindset of accepting hukum and avoiding trying to get what isn't written for you.
    • It's not the same thing. Evangelicals are Protestants, but not all Protestants are evangelicals. Evangelical comes from the Greek meaning "good news". Basically, all non-Christians are going to Hell, and evangelicals believe in spreading the "good news" that you can be saved from going to Hell by accepting Jesus. Now do you understand why they are constantly trying to convert everybody?  In their mind, they're just doing you a favor, even if by deception. Older, more established churches tend to be Protestant, but not evangelical. Such as most Anglicans and Methodists. They are more moderate and usually mind their own business.
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