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I Want To Join Some Sikh Federation Plz Advice

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I am from India, Punjab. I want to join some sikh federation to do something for sikhism. plz advice me which federation should I join?

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    • This is the garbage this dishonest propaganda journalist has sent to her Indian joke of a magazine. https://www.indiatoday.in/world/story/uk-guru-sri-singh-sabha-gurdwara-jarnail-singh-bhindranwale-slain-khalistan-leader-1684575-2020-06-02 Her dishonesty is here for all to see.  Here she is pretending to interview a girl called Meghan during the royal wedding for India Today. If you watch her interview it looks like the little girl is not known to her and she is interviewing her because her name is Megan same as Meghan Markel. What she doesn't tell the viewers is that this young girl called  Megan is her own daughter, Megan Tandon! Surely that must be against journalistic ethics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tS2trBp4kIA   The girl in the tweet above and the girl being interviewed is the same girl. Here is an interview of her 6 years ago where she states her daughter Megan is 6 years old.  https://asianlite.com/woman/im-a-master-juggler/ AL: When did you move to the UK? And why? Loveena: I moved to the UK in May 2006 after marriage. I had come to the UK for the first time on a Charles Wallace fellowship to Cardiff University for 3 -3.5months. I ended up staying for 4.5 months or so, managed to fall in love with a Welsh man! Eventually, we got married in Delhi on the Feb 6, 2006 and I moved in May of the same year. Ours was a typical Bollywood Romance. What and how of it is for another time of course. I left my very lucrative senior producer job with four programmes in hand in Aaj Tak to be with my Welsh Love! For the first time, I was without a job in a different country [Cardiff then]; living with a man I had known for 3.5 months during my stay in Cardiff and 8 months over the phone and emails; left for him all that I had ever known back in India; sane or insane; risky or stupid cupid love, decision is yours. We have two kids now, Megan (5) and Arush (3).    
    • Appreciate the response. Makes a lot more sense in the context this was written in.  
    • The word "ਮਦ" means intoxicant. It can be taken as alcohol in some instances but in the context of the above it is refering to intoxicants ie bhang/sukh nidhaan which the Dal Panth has and does consume even today. The three stipulations are all part and parcel of the Dal Panth - jhatka, sukh nidhaan and neela bana.   Hope this helps.
    • Freud's theories are mostly based on sexual repression, he was a strange guy.
    • https://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Seli_Topi According to that the first six Gurus wore Seli Topis. Yes it's not good that we had to edit the painting. I don't know who makes these decisions. Hindus are always saying that we are a Hindu sect and that is the most likely reason we have tried to distance ourselves from things associated with them. A cow is very linked to Hinduism, it's different to a small wild dog.
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