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    • Is this a specific prediction regarding Halemi Raj that is being referenced?
    • Veerji have you seen the advertisements which make big promises at the beginning of the ad and than throughout the advertisement they keep repeating the ludicrous promises to the potential consumers?  They always have some out of this world product or service.  Yet its a scam to get people to buy some useless product or service that is not special.  Look in the mirror and wave because you have successfully completed clown college.  You have successfully finished your first scam advertisement on sikh sangat.   I wrote a thread on Sant Thakur singh ji and how he didn’t give the taksal jathedar dastar to anyone before passing and this means sant Jarnail Singh Ji is still the jathedar.  So I have a lot of respect for him.   But you have dragged his name in mud with your clown college dancing on this thread.  You must have learned this moronic way of preaching from none other, thakur singh patiala ( the one with a pot belly, who can't see his feet while standing).  
    • What do you mean by ‘we men’?Though it’s totally true that you lot are responsible for everything evil we see around us, but to take an arrogant stance such as this is mind boggling! Do you even know how many families suffer due to you men behaving this way? What about the children? What have they done to deserve a broken family? You men really need to wake up and smell the coffee. You still behave like kids! Then stop normalising it by depicting it in movies, dramas or  media in general. This is not meant to be a normal behaviour according to sikhism!  Some people are not capable of analysing it properly, they think it’s modern to be cheating or sleeping with multiple partners, especially when they watch it in the movies or elsewhere.
    • We had an  English teacher who looked exactly like him and all the girls went gaga over him, haha! Dishy as hell, a real heartbreaker! Dr. Who, can you mend broken hearts?
    • When a man cheats on a woman, the marriage can still be salvaged because in evolutionary psychology to a woman it means that the man is high status because other women find him attractive to have an affair with him. When a woman cheats on a man, it means the man in not high status enough for her and the marriage is effectively over. If there was no institution of marriage and we lived in a junglee like manner, about 80 per cent of women would be with top 20 per cent of men and the remainder of men would fighting for the remaining 20 per cent of women. That is why you have more female ancestors than male ancestors. There is a practical reason why marriage is there in the first place, you only have to watch a wild-life programme with David Attenborough to figure that one out.    
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