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Shastar vidiya vs gatka


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Just like raag vidya is hindu bhramin influence..

But hyperventaliting upon doing simran, singing kirtan in filmy tunes is real thing eh?


sorry by mentioning the statements above you are a complete THICK head.

for you information i love raag and non raag - so go back to the topic. [MOD CUT]


In past we had a full ban on official website(s) belonging to Niddar Akhara business. To clarify our rule in more clear format, we decided that sewadars of sikhsangat will not allow any promotion, article, pictures, videos, articles of Niddar (UK) anywhere on our forums. At the same we also won't allow any attacks or mockery of any person.

We’ve had enough arguments/clashes on this forum over niddar related topics and thus we are putting strict ban and will give warnings to those who open new topics regarding him. Any more threads that are opened on this issue will get locked as soon as possible.

  • No more Niddar topic on SikhSangat
  • No promotion of social events where nidar is invited either as participant or guest speaker/showman.
  • No character defamation allowed

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A lot things people make up and attribute certain dogmatic worthless actions to Akalis of old is exaggerated pseudoscience at best.

If you understand the weapon, you can work backwards and understand exactly what the reason for the weapon is based on the the build of the weapon itself. The basic pentra footwork from gatka can be applied for real life battles where you actually are in a real non-gatka fight with someone.

An example of a Khanda - it can be used as a 1h or 2h when making a swing and at the same time it can be used as a 1h or 2h when jabbing at someone's body. When you get down to the actual fight, they are very fast and usually end faster than a person who doesn't know what he's doing would think.

The main thing to being a warrior comes down to your knowledge and ability to wield the shaster you own and your physical and mental fitness. Much of the game is psychological, if someone is fearless and is a GurSikh, fear and other urges are controlled and you can unleash havoc on someone like the AKalis of old did to the Britishers.

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Then you will believe that Harry Potter is real as is Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

You think guru Nanak dev ji was just a bhagat with a mala in his hand?Wrong.He had a tega barsha and chakra.They are located at the Patna sahib museum.Go on Flickr and search it up.

Baba budha ji taught guru hargobind sahib how to fight and horseback.Where did baba budha ji learn it?Probably guru Nanak dev ji.

How else would baba budha ji have learnt it?

Guru angad dev ji used to have Kabbadi matches.The gurus were hardcore man!

Harry potter does exist.Didnt you watch the movies ;)

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