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    • I know of a lot of couples where the man drinks and due to this the woman is fed up of the him sitting in the pub, not helping with the kids, the selfishness like being hung over the next day or drinking at every function so the woman always to always wait around and then be the driver.... Then there’s the snoaring men do after drinking which means no sleep for the woman (this one really bothers me when I need to wake up for Amrit vela)... I could make a huge list here, all these consequences to alcohol create a lot of arguments the next day! Which can then lead to the failure of a marriage. Especially as the man will never stop to save the marriage, these kind of men were brought up to think they are on a pedestal by their mothers. I know a few women who still haven’t managed to move out of their inlaws houses and buy their own house after years and years which they really want to do... all because their husbands disposable income is all spent at the pub.   I’m in the midlands and there’s a big pub culture here. 
    • And I'm telling you that there are women out there who certainly DO care about those things. The noble minority you refer to have arrived at their magnanimous state of mind because they have NO choice in the matter. Their hand has been forced through circumstances of their own making. Accordingly, they must either accept a lower status male in order to stave off loneliness, or start buying cats.  😅
    • In our seemingly humble little community, a young woman (with her best years ahead of her) earning £45,000 would never deign to lower herself by agreeing to marry a male making "only" £35,000. Women on £100k would only ever marry a partner with a lower salary out of absolute desperation for obvious ticking-clock related reasons. And those aren't even the types who are content to embrace the spinster life.    ^^^ Your earlier post. You’re speaking about the majority of women in the Sikh community Or Punjabi’s I’m assuming. That’s not just certain cases, you’re stereotyping a whole group of people.    I never argued those exceptions don’t exist, read my earlier post. I said not all women care about what you assume they care about with regards to the above. I’m telling you that there Are women out there who don’t care about those things. 
    • I think that attitude is exactly what allowed groomers to do their thing on our community with impunity. Trying to absolve ourselves of any responsibility for the wider community is weak.  It sounds like your definition of Sikh would only cover a miniscule amount of people.   That being said: if the family is Radho Soami, then I'm wondering where they stand? Are they Sikhs? But I guess that's a whole other discussion.  I don't know what to make of this case here, it seems to swing from tragedy to comedy? God knows what truth there is behind what is being said on social media. I don't know how reliable these things are?   
    • I feel you veer ji on every level. I just think worlds could end and kalyug could march straight on for other worlds. And unfinished souls go on about kalyuging unless they are blessed with Mukte. Sure could use some Satyug around here, heh. 
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