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    • veer ji, ik you are smart enough to know the difference between an helpless situation and eating meat out of choice, so why do you bring that up?  As for Guru Har Rai ji hunting etc, it's obviously not in SGGS. The huntings are recorded in Twarikh Guru Khalsa and also in Dasam Granth. 
    • Parts of Africa were part of the Roman Empire but what people consider as Africa today isn't what was meant 2000 years ago. The Roman Empire first and foremost was a Mediterranean empire and the Roman Empire that stretched in Africa was along it's coast. That was considered Africa which came from Ifrique which is now modern Tunisia.  What we consider to be Africa today is mostly what is subsaharan Africa.  What we consider North Africa today would have been part of the Roman Empire.  If you look at these North Africans they have largely an olive complexion like the Italians, Greeks, Spaniards etc. The North Africans are far more connected with the rest of the Mediterranean than the continent of Africa. If you have heard of Carthage and Hannibal you would know that they were based in Tunisia and ruled large swathes of Spain, Southern Italy, Sicily, Sardinia etc. The Carthaginians came from Phoenicians who are from the Eastern Med (today's Lebanon). Cleopatra the Egyptian Queen had an ancestory from Greece. What is now known as Rome is claimed to be founded by Trojans from Troy (in Western Turkey) and parts of Southern Italy and Sicily spoke Greek. All these people are interconnected. Taleb is a med man through and through.
    • Basically foreskin was tight and wouldn't fully pull back/retract    it wasnt painful but when I pulled it back forcefully  it hurt and got stuck lol!    Iv never had sex so I wouldn't know if it made sex painful or not.   But I decided to show the dr and he said that its tight foreskin and can be cut off    so I went with it.     It felt horrible for around 4 weeks!  I was 21 or 23 at the time. 
    • Guest Sasha
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