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19th Century document.

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Had a rough look, will post half today and half tomorrow

it seems to be a document prepared in 1882 AD by various Akharas. It has the Mohars of Mahant Biyan Das Ji, Dastakhat of Mahant Sewa Das Akhara, Mahant Manda Das etc. It makes reference to Raja Narinder Bahadur ( Possibly Narinder Singh of Patiala state). It relates to ten conditions (shartan) of the Hukumnama of Abchalnagar Sahib signed by Doola Singh and Babalhen (?) Singh. The attending Singhs and mahants of Amritsar saw this Hukumnama in both Gurmukhi and Persian. All the Singhs, Mahants and Pujaris accepted all ten conditions as all Gurdwaras, Akharas and Dharamsalas are the houses of Guru Parmeshar and from the Ad Guru to Dasme Guru both the Maryada has been considered as being equal. The Bhekh Udasi started by Baba Sri Chand who was an celibate give up women, meat, wine, theft and gambling and now this is the tradition in all the Akharas upto now. If any Mahant or Sant takes to such things then he is relieved of his seat. This is also the tradition in all Gurdwaras, These are run under the instructions of the Hakam (Government?). If any Pujari, Singh, Bihamgam or Sarbrah becomes corrupt then they should be relived of their duties. If any of them commits fraud or takes any money from the Gurdwara then he should be given the relevant punishment and after the return of the items be taken back and from then on he should be considered as one who has transgressed. A person such as this wants to see the destruction of the Gurdwara, all Gurdwaras and Akharas have the same type of management.

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seems to be signed by some addanshahi ( followers of bhai kanhaiya ji school of thaught , also called sewapanthis)will get back with full translation

I've heard about sewapanthis, but never heard of addanshahi. (don't know anything about either)

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    • Many of current Sikh youth (16 and under) have special auras, they got lifetimes of bhagati Take example of how there is huge demand for certain jobs, where they get like 500 applications for 1 role. There is also a huge demand for obtaining the human body, for the opportunity to merge back into God. Once upon a time this earth was a beautiful place, during satyug, then what happened? As people do more paap, the soul they give birth to has less bhagati. It's a downward spiral from there. These people killing each other today, who do you think they were before this? They were ghosts and spirits. When parents don't have bhagati and too much paap that's the type of soul they give birth to. There's no shortage of good souls waiting to take birth, but they require parents with suitable bhagati which is very hard to find. Daas had a vision through dasam duar about khalsa raj, that right now there's nearly 1 billion (call it 960 million if you want) souls (not body's, raw souls - like ghosts but harmless) on this earth and they are begging 24/7 from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji to be blessed a human life. They are souls from satyug who need 1 more life to take amrit before they can enter sachkhand. So while humans waste their life away blinded by maya, these souls are non stop doing seva and begging guru sahib ji for the gift of human life.  Today's young generation are more into Sikhi than their parents, in turn they give birth to souls with even more bhagati - upward spiral. The coming times are scary. The ones who have taken amrit, their souls will enter directly into sachkhand then take birth again during peaceful times to complete their remaining karams etc. 
    • Anything in particular making you feel this way? 
    • You need to read history, we were doing really well before they turned up. By the time they left, it was a mess. 
    • 1. my parents brought me here as a child. I didn't choose to. 2. I will not be here forever. 3. They got great benefits from the services of Punjabi men fighting their wars. 4. They ruined the structure of our homeland by giving away the good part to muslims. So they fully deserve to get a taste of their own medicine. 5. They still loot resources from third world countries. 6. If they can come, colonize and occupy entire countries by their policies of divide and rule in the name of "trade", why can't pocs go to their countries to work? I am pretty sure the colonization was to extract as much resources as possible and not for the benefit of the people. So who cares if certain groups of pocs are living on benefits in their countries or cause issues. I'm pretty sure when they were ruining your homeland they weren't thinking about all these things.Some of you all care too much on behalf of a group of people who dont care whether you live or die. It's like it hurts you more than them every time you people go " sO wHy ArE yOu LiViNg In ThEiR cOuNtRiEs".  
    • Then why do you live in a 'Euro' country? 
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