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Balanced View of Hindu-Sikh Shaster Vidiya


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I think the name dropping and inserting of words like "HIndu-Sikh" and attributing them to people and texts that do not contain the phrase is not an accurate depiction of historical sources, it is a deliberate twisting to validate a snatan agenda.

NIdar also likes to attribute large protions of his ideology to "Oral History" - my old uncles talk a lot of <banned word filter activated> so woudlnt beleive everythign you hear from oral history

I was talking to a old NIhang Singh friend of mine who remined me of this beautiful shabad from Guru Granth Sahib Ji

gur jYsw nwhI ko dyv ] gur jaisaa naahee ko dhaev || There is no deity equal to the Guru. ijsu msqik Bwgu su lwgw syv ]1] rhwau ] jis masathak bhaag s laagaa saev ||1|| rehaao || Whoever has good destiny inscribed on his forehead, applies himself to seva - selfless service. ||1||Pause||


remember no hatred or offense is meant by my efforts, I humbly aim to seek the truth and present it to the sangat for them to make their own mind up, I met an old friend of mine yesterday a long time student of Nidar and we sat and talked about family and did some design work and then we talked a little about this situation and we agreed and disagreed on many things but ultimately we did not hate each other or attack each other in any way, we respected each others right to beleive in what they beleive, and we may get a bit passionate and heated in our conversations but we do not take it offensively.

I also have the right to share my findings as I beleive parents have a right to know what their children will be taught when sending them to ANY educational organisation. I for one would to want my kids to go to a snatan ideology school. thats not offensive thats my choice.

But if some parents are ok with it who am I to tell them otherwise, it is their freedom and right to do so.

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NIdar also likes to attribute large protions of his ideology to "Oral History"

concerning the absence of written material during crucial times in our history, oral traditions have become a major source of passing on knowledge.

This is of course open to mis-use as well, and anything that cant be found in written sources, can be simply put down to oral history.

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Wjkk wjkf,

veerji, i just wanted to say that you are doing amazing seva in exposing this fraudster.

I think more exposure can be gained by having a facebook page?

i have heard that jathedar of budha dal is in the uk, if he could come on one of the sikh channels

and clarify what we already know, would be the final nail in the coffin.

The martial artists that he has been doing seminars with need to be told i.e. pat omalley, maul mornie

expose his chele, dont buy their books, get him out of leicester and wolverhampton


wjkk wjkf.

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