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Delhi 1984 Exhibition


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The National Sikh Youth Federation (NSYF) is launching an exhibition that will focus on the Delhi genocide of 1984, as part of our campaign to commemorate the atrocities this November.

This will be a national exhibition, which will tour the United Kingdom for 6-8 weeks with venues currently booked in:

· London

· Birmingham

· Leeds

· Glasgow

· Cardiff

We estimate this exhibition and the national tour will cost approximately £9,000 and this will include;

  • Museum style exhibition panels (8ft x 4ft) x 22.
  • Team of graphic designers to design the panels, posters, flyers and official campaign T shirt.
  • Professional video editor to create November 84 campaign video and promo for exhibition.
  • Venue hire costs
  • Building materials for exhibition.
  • Exhibition lighting and audio equipment.
  • Projector to display videos and archive footage at exhibition.
  • 1 year storage for exhibition after national tour.
  • Logistic costs for national tour including transportation and accommodation costs.
  • 150 campaign t shirts.
  • Printing of 1,000 exhibition guides, banners, leaflets and posters.

We have been able to secure approximately half the necessary funding and need your help to make this project happen.

To donate; http://www.indiegogo.com/nsyf

Be a Part of a Historical Project

There are major exhibitions of the Jewish Holocaust in most major cities in the world; the Jewish Holocaust exhibition in the Imperial War Museum reportedly cost £5,000,000.00

As you are well aware there is no such exhibition of the Sikh Holocaust. You have the chance to invest in a modest but impressive exhibition which will be used annually to educate the public about the Sikh Genocide.

All donors will be accredited at the exhibition, unless they expressly ask for their donation to be kept anoynmous. All surplus funds will be used to develop this exhibition for the future and for related Sikh historical projects.

The National Sikh Youth Federation (NSYF)

The NSYF was set up in late April this year, and our ambition is to provide and promote education on Sikh history. We are focusing on Sikh history relating to the Sikhs after Guru Gobind Singh ji, as we believe this history is not currently taught sufficiently. While Gurdwaras teach about Sikh history relating to the Gurus, there are few organisations or institutions which educate on Sikh history.

We aim to bring awareness and educate in a professional and academic manner. Our first major project was in June this year, wherewe commemorated the attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib with a ‘#10DaysofTerror’ campaign which included all types of media including social media. Our # campaign on twitter was supported by Sikhs worldwide and as a result reached hundreds of thousands of people.

We also produced 5000 information packs, which were presented in a striking folder, and included various fact sheets (please seeimages).

The NSYF have submitted an application with the Charities Commission, and we expect to be registered within 4-6 weeks. All members and officers of the organisation are volunteers.

If you have any questions or queries please email Info@nsyf.org.uk

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