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My Amrit Vela is failing. Help!

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On occasion I've received good advice from here so I'll try it again.

I'm Amritdhari, I shouldn't be missing Amrit Vela! I feel like my spiritual jeevan is going down the drain.

I'm a student and my lectures/ work times vary. Sometimes I'll be in bed by 11pm or afterwards, having to get up for university at 8am in the morning. Amrit Vela added into that means I hardly get any sleep. That's fine in theory, but I find that when my alarm goes off I'm just so tired I automatically switch it off and go back to sleep. I feel terrible for the whole day and try again the next morning, but the same thing happens.

Obviously there will always be commitments in life and plenty of you must face work hours. So how does one get a consistent Amrit Vela?! Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

I was so pumped up from reading books by Gursikhs, understanding the importance of Amrit Vela and Naam simran, going to kirtans etc- but all that seems to go out of the window when it comes time to getting up.

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Sleep earlier. Reorganise your schedule so that your work is complete earlier. Avoid eating late.

If you have a part-time job then move your shifts. No lectures are ever run so late and hardly ever every day.

Have a look at what activities during the day you can eliminate so that you can do work at other times. Wasting time at the cinema? Having coffee with friends? Use that time to study.

Sleep earlier.

It's all about priorities. You're presumably studying and working to put food on the plate for you/family so that you can focus your efforts on Sikhi.

I'm sorry if this may appear to be rude! I've been a hard working student in the recent past, juggling work and studies so I know It can be done with some effort and by taking a look at one's priorities.

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To add to what johnny said, you could also drink lots of water prior to going to bed so when alarm goes off so you have to go pee pee really bad..lol.

Just for the record, i used to get up at amrit vela but i don't anymore :( so i feel like hypocrite advising people..lol but had to put that drinking water idea..lol

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Guest ranbir singh johar

I am a retired who became Amritdhari about three years back. Despite having all the time at my disposal I could not get up at amrit vela but used to recite paths during day time only. However recently I started getting up at amrit vela and do not require any alarm to wake up. I feel Guru wakes me up at this time which He used to do earlier also but I was too lazy to wake up. Though it is mandatory for us to recite gurbani at amrit vela and we should make efforts for the same but it would only happen when Guru's blessings bestows upon us. Guru rakha.

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Guest pavis1313

some gurmukh's say that its amritwela after 12 o clock

so if its impossible for u to get up early then u can do your nem and then go to sleep

if u like getting up and then doing nem then its the best option ...

bhul chuk di khima

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The reason of doing Nitnem is to understand Gurbani and one would assume that those who have been doing it for many many years would understand and practice Gurbani in their lives to make others' better. Otherwise, it merely becomes parroting which normally happens in many household.

Remember that most Punjabis were farmers and getting up early is a part of farming life, especially when most people didn't have electricity to turn night into day. Go to bed when it gets dark, up with the crowing of the cock was the natural rhythm of life. Amrit vela was not that much earlier than the usual time of rising. Life is not that simple for us now. I believe keeping these hours is best in lots of ways. It demands self-discipline and sets us apart from the people around us, plus those hours have a sort of spiritual magic to them that you'll only discover by doing it, a bit like keeping kesh. However for some people, it is impossible. We need to make a living, which sometimes means working hours incompatible with keeping the prescribed times.

I think, in some cases, it is necessary to adapt, as long as we are not just making excuses and choosing the easy way out. The Nitnem is important, as is naam simran and all the rest. I believe that doing these daily is more important than the times they are done.

Sikhi is about common sense. Yet one more gift of Guru Nanak when he threw water to the west at Haridwar to make a practical point for the benefit, not only of the Brahmins, but the entire world.

My father said something to me when I was a kid that has stuck with me ever since. He said "son, Sikhi is not about rituals, you don't do something just for the sake of doing it, that is not what the message of our Gurus is about. Always ask yourself why you are doing something, do not do something just because everyone else is, our Gurus did not follow the masses, use your own common sense in your day-to-day life."

I am a Uni student as well. I have an extremely heavy course-load, and none of the classes are easy. I am often up until 2-3 am and then have to get up at 8 am for Uni the next day. It usually is not possible for me to be awake at 4 am to do Nitmen. I may be able to force myself to wake up, but it would be good for nothing, because my mind would not be focused on the Bani, and it would also cause me to suffer in my studies due to lack of sleep.

Sikhi is not about dictating your life, it is supposed to enhance it. The Gurus taught us to honor our committments, when you go to school/work one of your responsibilities is to be the best student/employee you possibly can be. And it is for this reason I tend not to do Nitnem at 4 am. I do it at other times in the day, when I am more focused, when I will actually get something out of it, when I am reading it because I enjoy it, not because it is another chore I have to get through. The important thing is to learn something from the Bani, not about forcing yourself to read it at a time that interferes with the rest of your life.

Sat Sri Akal.
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Guest Praveen Singh Khalsa
On 13-10-2012 at 11:50 PM, Jonny101 said:

The hardest part of getting up at Amritvela is the actual act of getting up from the bed. Many times when the alarm goes off, we are in half sleep and just shut off the alarm and go back to sleep. If you are having trouble getting up, the best way to get up is to put your alarm clock far away. So when it rings, you will be forced to get out of your bed to shut it off. This is what works for me at least.


but i cant hear my alarm what can u do then?

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I blast bir ras kirtan in my face with my phones bright <banned word filter activated> light right when i wake up. Usually works lol

You could try and see how it works, also naps help a lot. Literally a 20 minute nap helps me freshen up. Learn how to nap power nap. Other than that, do your amrit vela based on what you can handle. As your avastha increases amrit vela will become easier.


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On 14/10/2012 at 1:07 AM, N30S1NGH said:

Just for the record, i used to get up at amrit vela but i don't anymore

So why would you think Singh Ji, this happens. Do we get bursts of time when we engage in Naam simran and then we have a time when we just need a break. 

Why do you not want to get up any more? (just curious) 

Lately I have been wondering about this. Why is it that we sometimes stay connected and then we forget our path completely until something else happens and we start from scratch once again.

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