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Giani Sher Singh Ji Ambala wale

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giani sher singh ji is awesome kathavachak. i was wondering if anyone have more videos of their kathas. i would really appreciate it if somebody could upload them

i would really suggest katha lovers to listen to his katha as well.

the above video is only for reference.


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There are several. I managed to convert them to mp3 and put them on my iPod. He even has a 30 minute katha in Hindi on Sri Dasam Granth Sahib jee for Hindu youngsters. Please run a search on YouTube. This Giani jee is a true lion of the Panth.

yeah i have already watched all of them. anymore u can share?

and yes he is a real lion of sikh panth

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from facebook:
With Guru Sahibs kirpa, sevadaars from 1G, have ripped the audio of some of Giani Sher Singhs Katha and made available for the sangat to download in audio form from here: http://www.1guk.com/multimedia/audio

Giani Sher Singh is a fantastic kathavaachak, who talks openly with great passion and love about the Guru's Message and Bani.

Please download and share.

More Katha of Giani Ji comming so...on on http://www.1guk.com/

Bhai Kuljit Singh (English Katha) has been updated to!

Contact us: info@1guk.com

Vist www.1guk.com for tons of english talks and katha!!!
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