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Seva84 : Docu FIlm highlighting Sikhs suffered genocide in Nov84

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We wholly respect and support the work of "The Widow Colony" film, however we do not share the same aims and objectives.

The first aim of Seva84 is to save the current and future generations in all colonies from a continued cycle of suffering, which are not only due to the traumas of genocide, but also neglect.

Seva84 aims to implement infrastructures to support the physical and mental health of the residents, and ensure all young people can continue their education with no financial / health / family hindrances. We would like to promote Gursikhi and take on the drugs and crime issues which are rampant, particularly at Tilak Vihar.

Seva84 would like to employ specialists (in the fields of psychology etc) in Tikal Vihar, as it appears none of the victims have received any psychological assessment since the genocide to date. In fact, in the documentary (which is now on halt due to funding issues), we plan to include a widow, who has only recently come accept that her husband died in November 1984.

Seva84 avoids making cash payments to families that are capable of working as this feeds the poverty. In cases where cash payments are made, this would only happen after an assessment is carried out and it is clear that finance is needed for a specific purpose or in order to sustain a living.

Generally, regarding health issues, payments are made to health institutions and receipts are obtained rather then giving families cash payments.

In summary, we do not want to see any future generations falling victim to drugs and crime. Seva84 strives to support the victims of 1984 to ultimately make them self sufficient and capable of fighting their ways out of poverty.

We can only do this with your continued support.


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The Widows Colony documentary never got the global exposure it deserved. Partly blame the production company for holding a too tight hold on the distribution rights.

This documentary is highly likely to gain global exposure as it's distributed as part of the objectives of Seva84, I have seen some more of the footage and am convinced that the documentary will raise the profile of the aftermath of November 84 as well as the severity of the what happened to the mainstream.

It might be 28 years too late, but at this stage we so desparetly need to archive the testimonies and emotions of the victims whilst they are still alive.



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This film can only be made with sangat's support


Seva84 (reg. Charity 1147843) is commissioning a high profile, professionally produced documentary specifically highlighting:

- The November 1984 Sikh Genocide

- The Drug and poverty related problems within the colonies where victims of 1984 are now living

This documentary will be part of a wider international documentary which aims to:

- Raise global awareness to an audience beyond the Sikh community by communicating to the world that Sikhs in India suffered genocide during November 1984.

- A documentary of this nature is likely to encourage non government organisations to reach out and develop a partnership with Seva84, to improve the standard of living (largely for those directly affected by the Genocide, which includes their families). We would like to ensure that the newer generations are not reliant on support, as our main aim is to enable the residents of the colonies to be self sufficient, to an extent that they are able to independently maintain an improved standard of living that is above the poverty line.

This can only be done with your help. To support the making of the Documentary Film: http://www.justgivin...va84documentary to support our projects to help combat drugs and crime, and to promote health, education and Gursikhi please set up monthly donations at: www.seva84.com/donate

**if you would like Seva84 to claim gift aid on your donations please email contact@seva84.com**


Only 10 donations come on.

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