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From their facebook page:

Sikhs Beware (Part 1)

For the last several months India has been working hard to provoke, incite, delegitimize and dehumanize the Sikh Nation. Though this behavior is nothing new, it’s the intensity that has amplified many folds. All this started after the Bhai Rajoanna issue and the consequences may be dire for our sisters and brothers living in occupied Punjab.

Parkash Badal knew executing Professor Bhullar and Bhai Rajoanna wouldn’t be easy, that’s why he promoted the notorious killer Sumedh Saini to DGP. It was believed that his reputation for torture, rape and murder would scare anyone in Punjab who thought about demonstrating against these acts of state murder.

The Indians decided to execute Professor Bhullar first because his case was more difficult. For Professor Bhullar has been stating he was innocent, the Indians “convicted” him based on a law they recognize as illegal and is no longer enforced, yet was brought back only for him. No witnesses or evidence was used against Bhullar besides his own confession which he stated the Indians obtained through torture.

When the Sikh Nation abroad raised this issue at the international level in western countries and all of Punjab with horror at this potential act of murder, the Indians started to worry. They decided not to go ahead with his execution, because this act would be a disaster for them on the international level and they didn't want to appear to be in the wrong. Plus they had Bhai Rajoanna, his guilt was clear to everyone, he openly confessed.

But before Rajoanna’s case came forward, news broke that the Indians were planning on releasing Kishori Lal the butcher of Trilokpuri from jail. Lal had been found guilty of physically murdering innocent Sikhs during the 1984 Sikh Genocide. He had been sentenced to death over 4 times, yet every time the Indian Supreme court would overturn that decision and give him life in jail. It’s extremely rare for anyone to be punished for exterminating Sikhs during the 1984 Genocide, let alone be life in jail. But the Indian court system said this man was no longer a threat to other ‘Indians’ so he should be set free.

When this news spread within the Sikh Nation, people were shocked at the lack of sensitivity shown by India. On the one hand they had a man who physically murdered so many innocent Sikhs with his bare hands. He earned the name “the butcher of Trilokpuri”, on the other they have a man who has been claiming his innocence since day 1, no evidence exists against him and he was sent to death on a law that is illegal, how is that fair? So India quietly decided not to go through with his release.

But India still wanted to send a clear message to the Sikh Nation and Bhai Rajoanna was the man to send it through. Though Rajoanna has physically not murdered anyone, he was involved in the conspiracy to murder the then PM of Punjab, and seeing has how he openly confesses to his crime, his execution shouldn’t be a problem and India could show the world that Sikhs are indeed ‘terrorists’.

But it is at this point the reality in Punjab changed. All of a sudden, every Sikh in Punjab and outside of Punjab came out in numbers not seen since the 80s. This was because every young Sikh now living in Punjab knew that the only reason why they had survived the late 90s was because the Butcher Beant didn’t get to fully execute his plan. And who was one of the person responsible for stopping the Butcher Beant, Bhai Rajoanna.

But the issue isn’t that the Sikhs were able to stop Bhai Rajoanna’s execution, no, the real issue is the level, organization and dedication shown by the average Sikh in and outside of Punjab. India doesn’t fear armed rebellions, there are currently a dozen armed struggle for independence happening as I talk within India. India’s BIGGEST fear is a united civil movement for independence, the kind witnessed in Egypt. The Indians quickly sent in the army and the paramilitary, there were roadblocks every mile, the big bad Sumedh Saini couldn’t stop it, no one knew what to do, but more importantly no one knew how this had happened.

India was left with no option but to stop the execution of Bhai Rajoanna. Though this was a victory for us, it was an eye opener for all the Indian agencies like RAW, IB and the notorious 3rd Agency. Had Rajoanna asked the youth to occupy a place in Punjab till Punjab was liberated, it would have been impossible for them to kill everyone so openly. Red flags were going up everywhere and it was decided something had to be done to stop us, to delegitimize and dehumanize us, to provoke and incite us to violence so that we do not take the peaceful route to independence.

India's Quick Tricks (Part 2)

During the next few months the Indians planned different ways to stop the Sikh Nation, though we have no direct access to the plans, some information has come to us from concerned individuals who do have access. We gave these brave souls our guarantees that we would not reveal their identities.

The first act was to send two criminals responsible for human rights vi

olations and acts of genocide against the Sikhs to the Olympic Games in London, Jagdish Tytler and KP Gill. It was a small thing to do, but it would have a great affect at further victimizing the UK Sikhs. All Sikh organizations from across the globe objected to this. The Indians learnt that criminal cases may be prepared against both Tytler and Gill and it was agreed that the risk was too high. So they publically declared both criminals would not be going. But the Indians still wanted to send message to the Sikhs. So one day before, the Indians announced to the world that they would be sending Amitabh Bachchan to carry the Olympic torch on behalf of India. They knew that if they announced this disgusting act the day before, Sikh organizations wouldn’t have enough time to prepare as they did for Tytler and Gill. And so, the man who incited the 1984 Sikh Genocide entered England as an honorary guest and carried the torch around London as a hero.

Before they could implement another plan, the Wisconsin terrorist attack happened on a Gurdwara. Public sympathy for Sikhs started flowing in from all across the world, especially America. The Indian action plan was to stop this as best as possible, so they paid for fake demonstrations to be done outside the American Embassy in India. At most there were a few dozen people, yet through their diplomatic and corporate connections, the mainstream western media was made aware of it. So when someone was reporting Sikhs as victims of terror it was offset by images of paid Indians looking like Sikhs burning the US flag.

Within days of this horrible act of terror, Parkash Badal believed he could go to America (on the pretext of attending his friend’s daughter’s wedding) and subdue the awareness campaign spreading like wildfire in North America. His son, Sukhbir Badal, was dispatched to the UK first then he was to go to Canada. The plan was very simple, go to each of the major cities in North America and the EU where Sikhs have settled. Once there, identify the different gurdwara committee members. Once they knew who was running the gurdwaras, they would target them through different subversive tactics. The end goal was to immediately stop all discussion about the events of 1984 and the demand for justice.

The Badals have a very good track record on subverting Sikhs and it was believed this plan would finally put an end to the ‘Sikh problem’. But unfortunately for them, the Sikh community was prepared for this contingency. We (Sikhs for Justice) received information from our contact some time before Badal’s visit and were able to prepare a civil case against him for ordering and protecting those who committed acts of torture, rape and murder. We also prepared a case against Sukhbir Badal in Canada, but after seeing his father being served, he was advised not to come.

Frustrated, the Indians then planned to create an environment in which the Sikhs in Punjab would attack Bihari laborers on a mass scale leading to a mass exodus, similar to what’s happening in the North West of India and Mumbai. If this was to happen, the Sikhs would be presented to the world as hateful racists attacking innocent laborers. So the Indians paid some random Biharries, got them drunk and incited them to attack a gurdwara. To the shock of the agencies, before they could incite the Sikhs, a random person walked into the Police state where the criminals were being held and shot the Bihari responsible for the crime. This single act brought closer for most Sikhs and it was clear this plan had failed. Since then the Indians have been trying to get another Bihari to attack another Gurudwara. It’s only a matter of time before they find someone desperate enough to do it. When it happens, we must do our utmost to counter the attempts made by the Indians to incite Sikhs on a mass scale.

Fearing that the sympathy for Sikhs might solidify, the Indians became so desperate that they decided to issue “non-bailable” arrest warrants for 5 men who were involved in hijacking an Air India plane to Pakistan in 1981. All had already been convicted and served their time in jail, in Pakistan. But India needed a headline for the world media and their diplomatic missions needed something serious to give to their counterparts. The stupidity of this action speaks for itself.

Overlooking the fact that this is double jeopardy, the Sikh Nation was once again wondering how India was able to charge 5 Sikhs for an act that happened in 31 years ago in which no one was injured, yet unable to find the organizers of the 1984 Sikh Genocide in which over 30 000 Sikhs were exterminated across India. And more to the point, why is it when Indians hijacked a plane in 1978 to object Indira Gandhi’s arrest, Bholanath and Devendra Pandey, they were rewarded Congress Party candidacies? One even went on to become a Party General Security. Devendra Pandey is still involved in the Congress Party, neither was ever charged or served any time.

India's Design Executed - Part 3

September, the Indians had finalized a strategy to delegitimize Sikhs living abroad and within India. They first got the Indian Overseas Congress president, Vikram Bajwa, to make wild accusations against the Sikhs living in Canada, US, UK and EU. They then gave his statements national coverage through their news media, hoping the international papers may pick them up. When the Canadian Foreign Minister arrived in India, they bombarded him with the accusations made by Vikram Bajwa. Confused and fearing losing billions in financial agreements, the Canadian Diplomat politely agreed with his hosts to investigate their accusations.

The Indians emphasized the danger posed by the internet and all the different material being put on there by different organizations. They claimed that organizations posing as Human Rights Activists are in fact ‘terrorist’ organizations. But they kept coming back to this idea that somehow the Sikhs in Punjab are being ‘radicalized’ by the content on the internet, being posted by Sikhs living abroad.

To prove their point, they targeted Sikh Organization for Prisoners Welfare (SOPW), a UK based organization. The Indians claimed that this organization was promoting terrorism and somehow radicalizing the youth. They then targeted Akali Dal Panch Pardhani and arrested Kulbir Singh Barapind and Daljit Singh Bittu. They told their Canadian, American, UK and EU counter parts to investigate money transfers to any of these organizations or individuals as these funds have been used for ‘terror related activities’.

The case against Bhai Bittue and Bhai Barapind is beyond belief. They were first arrested as an act of preventing their participation in the ‘India Bandh’ being organized by Indian political parties, even though their political party had never declared they would participate in this shutdown of India. Then it was said they were arrested for possession of RDX (expolives) and possession of seditions material. But soon the Indian Police admitted that no RDX was found and that the ‘seditions material’ was readily available on most corner shops in India. So then they said these two were going to revive ‘terrorism’ in Punjab. That they had unearthed a plan hatched by them to target and murder some Indian ‘godman’. One article even said Bhai Bittu was part of the Naxalite movement. And the drama still continues to today.

But India overlooked a big problem, Kulbir Singh Barapind had been extradited to India from the US to face criminal charges. Barapind was able to prove his innocence and was found not guilty. To get Barapind to India, the Indians had given guarantees to the United States that they would not torture Barapind. But on his first court appearance, Barapind made serious accusations against the Indian Police of torture. And as a result of international outcry from Sikh organizations Human Rights Watch became involved and now it’s a very confusing / messy situation. But in the meantime, India is pushing hard for Western countries to ban Akali Dal Panch Pardhani and label it a terrorist organization.

Then all of a suddan an alleged attack happened on Kuldip Brar, one of the men who commanded the invasion of Harmandir Sahib. Was it a RAW operation or just some average guys who saw a war criminal walking down the street and decided to take action? At this point in time as I write this article, little is known, but one thing is clear, the Indians have milked this incident as much as possible. Through this one act, the Indians are now trying their utmost to stop the Shaheedi Memorial being constructed within Harmandir Sahib for Sant Jarnail Singh and all those Sikhs who attained martyrdom defending Akal Takhat.

The Indians are so scared by this memorial because it shatters all their efforts to demonize Sant Jarnail Singh Ji. For the last 34 years, since 1978, the Indians have tried to present him as an ‘extremist’, a ‘fanatic’ and a ‘terrorist’. But these lies have little effect on Sikhs, as most knew him or saw his speeches (live or on the net) or have family members who knew him. Non-Sikhs however accept these stories unquestionably. They have no direct access to the truth and most people are too busy in their own lives to really bother with truth. It was believed that over time 10, 20 heck 50 or even 100 years later, eventually, the Indians will succeed at rewriting history and future generations of Sikhs will accept the revisionist history of India.

But if this Shaheedi Memorial is constructed, then they will fail. For as long as Harmandir Sahib stands, the Shaheedi Memorial rial will educate Sikhs for generation to come about what the Indian government did. Brar is even more horrified, he will go down in Sikh history as one of the men responsible for invading Harmandir Sahib and murdering countless innocent Sikhs. So today we see unprecedented attention being given to the Shaheedi Memorial, the Indians are hell bent on stopping it. Some have suggested they may even use violence to stop its construction.

While raising the issue of Brar the Indians, who are still trying to find ‘Sikh Terrorists’, arrested Sukhwinder Singh Sukhi a police informant who once infiltrated Sikh organizations. Sukhi is what’s labeled a ‘Cat’, a man who works with the Indian Police but pretends to be a Sikh freedom fight. These are the people many Punjabis hold responsible for crimes attributed to the Sikh freedom fighters. By arresting Sukhi, the Indian Police have arrested a state asset, but they arrested him only for the purpose of highlighting the ‘rise in Sikh extremism’ to Western Nations.

The Indians haven’t given up on their plan to portray Sikhs as hate filled racists. Recently a story broke that someone using a fake account pretending to be an Ahmadiyya Muslims and attempted to defile Guru Nanak Dev and other Sikh Gurus. This story was covered by the Times of India, how its news worthy is beyond comprehension. If one is to go on any Anti-Sikh page, there is tons of disrespectful stuff written. Plus majority of the Sikhs didn’t even know this happened, but the news agencies knew all about it and were told to highlight it. The reasoning behind this is clear, they wish for Sikhs to react possibly in a similar way to how people protested against the Anti-Muslim film uploaded on Youtube. Our source did tell us that there are suggestions to make a film against Sikh Gurus, but to his knowledge nothing had been made thus far.

Just a few days ago, it was reported that the ‘Butcher of Trilokpuri’, Kishori Lal was once again given approval for release. Why would he be given approval again is clear, they want to create and we must not fall into the Indian trap

Path to Victory (Part 4)

As the details regarding India’s new operation to delegitimize, dehumanize, provoke and incite the Sikh Nation are still trickling out, we understand that there will be a lot more actions taken. But as a people we must strategize on our goals as well. And to do this, we must first learn from the past.

It is important for us to understand why 1984 really happened. Most

Sikhs know the truth about ‘what’ happened (though many non-Sikhs do not), but very few remember why it happened. The organized murder of Sikhs through the invasion of Harmandir Sahib and over 40 other Gurdwaras happened for two reasons.

Firstly, it was to punish the Sikhs collectively so that they would be so psychologically traumatized that they would never think about resisting Indians dominance again. Indira Gandhi had been itching to use the army since Mehta Chowk. She believed that by using the army and its heavy weaponry, like tanks, the Sikhs could be intimidated into submission. So when she asked for 10 tanks to be sent to Mehta Chowk (where Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was staying), she believed finally Sikhs would be taught a lesson. But to her shock, the army commander, Lt General Sinha a greatly respected man who later refused to lead India’s invasion into Harmander Sahib, refused her order and demanded an explanation as to why tanks were needed to arrest a civilian. Having no answer Indira cancelled her order, only to use the tanks on a later date.

The second reason is MUCH more important. On June 3rd 1984, the Sikh civil disobedience struggle was to enter its final stage. I say final because if it had been allowed to continue peacefully, India would have either capitulate to our demands or Punjab would be an independent country today. The final stage of our civil disobedience struggle involved two actions. The first act was for Sikhs to stop selling all their produce to India. As it is, Punjab produces 60% of the wheat and 40% of the rise consumed by India. Had the Sikhs refused to sell their produce, within days, max weeks, India would be at the verge of starvation / collapse.

Second act was to stop paying all taxes to India. As Punjab was India’s richest province, we contribute more than 30% of all tax revenue collected by the center government. This final stage horrified the rulers of India.

Had the Sikhs gone through with it, India would disintegrate within weeks. Imagine the chaos in India if over 60% of its people couldn’t eat. Some say Indians already don’t have enough food, but what if the little they had was reduced by 60%? And to top it off losing 30% of all revenue collected by India, the Indians wouldn’t be able to purchase the shortfall on the open markets. Plus the legitimacy of Sant Jarnail Singh would be crystal clear to the international community as the true leader for the people of Punjab. India would no longer have any legal right to govern the indigenes people of Punjab.

Or the Indians could have given in to all our political demands. The demands in themselves were not extravagant, but the ruling class realized if the Anandpur Resolutions were implemented, their tyranny would come to an end. No longer would the central government have dictatorial powers to dismiss elected governments or implement policies they wanted. Rather the local states would have the freedom to govern over all provincial level issues, similar to how Canada, UK and America is governed.

So before this final stage could be executed, the Indians decided it would be safer just to exterminate as many Sikhs as possible and all those who were advocating for the Anandpur Resolution. The Indians spent the next 10 to 15 years executing any Sikh and every Sikh who they believed did not accept their dominance, all under the pretext of ‘fighting terrorism’. Yes brave Sikhs tried to defend innocent civilians from the Indian Police and Army, but simple farmers are no match for trained armies who have the resources of nation to fund and equip them.

This is why the Indians wish to provoke, incite, dehumanize and delegitimize us. They had truly believed the spirit of resistance had been extinguished in Sikhs. They had spent the 80s and 90s torturing, raping and murdering over 250 000 Sikhs. The youth born in the late 80s or early 90s were all deliberately addicted to alcohol and drugs. How could they possibly have enough courage or vision to once again demand representative democratic self-governance?

But the Bhai Rajoanna demonstrations changed all this! And the Indians now know that it is only a matter of time before the final stage of the civil disobedience movement envisioned by our Saheed brothers and sisters is fulfilled by this generation. This is why they are aiming their guns at us and this is why we must stay ever vigilant and not fall into the Indian trap.

We as a nation must once again work towards organizing ourselves at the grass roots level in Punjab. Every village must be reached, chapters must be open, and everyone must be educated about the truth. Our goal as a nation MUST be to complete the final stage of the civil disobedience movement. Only through peaceful civil acts of disobedience will we attain freedom!!

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A very nice analysis but there is some motivation and honesty on part of some organisation fighting for sikh rights for example Manvinder Singh Giaspura was the person who exposed the hondhchiller killings but sikhs for justice tried to take credit for the cases which was contested indepentdly by Manvinder Singh Giaspura through his lawyer Brijinder Singh loomba which extended the jusisdiction of probe to guagoan and patuadi area but peermohhamad has no role the result was the detection of new sites of massacres.One must see the no of visits of hondh chiller committee and sikhs for justice visited the enqiry commission .The hondh chiller committee and its legal team fought cases which were falsely claimed by sikhs for justice.Mandeep Singh who shot the person responsible for beadbi of Guru Granth Saheb inside Shanewal police station legal case is fought by Manvinder Singh without charging a single penny from his family and their lawyer brijinder singh is fighting free of cost it is known to all lawyers of ludhiana.Same lawyer is fightingthe case of singhs charged with shingar blast,khanna,patiala blast apart from guiding all major cases which has given a new life to defence.The sikhs living aboard should support these low profile and unknown persons taking risks.Further the performance of these people is much better than the hi profile human rights groups.He has also highlifgted uranium leakage in punjab waters which is claiming thouand of lives.

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