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URGENT! Video on reality of sexual grooming gangs in the UK


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As everyone knows about the recent Rochdale gang, The Rochdale sex trafficking gang was a group of pakistani men who preyed on under-age teenage girls in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England. They were convicted of sex trafficking on 8 May 2012; other offenses included rape, trafficking girls for sex and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child

This has been happening in our community for years and the government and police have never clocked onto the ethnic nature of this systematic abuse.

The Sikh Awareness Society (www.sasorg.co.uk) have today released a cutting edge documentary interviewing Andrew Norfolk of the Times newspaper who was instrumental in bringing to light the grooming gangs in the UK

Please watch carefully and pass on to everyone please and not just Punjabis as this effects the whole community at large. We would not want anyone's sister or daughter to go through these heinous abuses regardless of the colour of their skin or their racial background.

please watch and share with everyone - especially our sisters and younger girls at secondary schools and colleges.


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you can get it here


with teh press release here - http://www.childrens...ase/content_486

they still trying to dodge the issue of ethnicity as they are trying to be politically correct wheras Andrew NorFolk a journalist with the Times Newspaper just gives the true findings from their investigation that a large proportion of the perpertrators are of Pakistani origin.

please watch the video and its very important that we get this out to mainstream media as it will just get brushed under the carpet with broad terms such as asians being used.

countless sikh girls have been effected by this heinous crime over the past 15 years and the government is only taking notice now.

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