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Bhai Sahib Bhai Nand Lal Ji Bani

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why dont ragi's sing it more often?

I would say linguistic barriers as bhai nand lal writings are in Persian, Arabic poetry form. There used to be a time where sikh raagi's and parcharaiks were proficient in many languages- arabic, persian, sanskrit, braj basha, sadhu basha and would spent 10+ years to study Gurmat before doing parchar, but these days parcharaiks are sprouting everywhere like hot cakes from assembly line.!!

I made a similiar post while ago:


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I'm one of those hot cakes!

You are exceptional hot cake with different kind of icing on top bro..lol...!! what i meant parcharaiks, it was more like directing towards self-proclaimed prof, bhai, dr, raagi etc...it wasn't directed at you or anything and besides you are providing basic of sikhi platform..very good bro..keep up the good work..!!

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    • Check your hypocrite ar5e out......lmao I've used this platform to highlight issues fudhoos (like yourself) tried to bury. And it worked. Now all of you are aware of grooming. Soon as you mention juts and alcoholism, your kuthchee gets in a twist. Ha ha! And the same way expert-fudhoos in the quom (like yourself) tried to bury that issue. I'll bring these other ones out too. F**k your caste pride.  You say you love your culture and language blah blah, when you ever translate anything? When you ever share any ithihaasic information? NEVER.  You are a closeted b1tch. Carry on w**king off to Moosewala proud jut types and give us all a laugh.  I live real life all the time, every minute I'm in the world. It's actually closeted fools (like yourself) that need the info more than anything. Give the bhangra a break and try using your brains for a second.   What makes you think this hasn't and doesn't get done you closeted fudhoo. For decades too.  You could check with the police and intelligence services here, but they'd probably make you another jut-gadaar-informant with your low IQ.   I'm guessing you're from Canada. Just stick to being good comedians, like it seems you're best at over there.  You are a cry baby, crying over highlighting fudhoo backwards behaviour you probably think is normal.  I'm the one seeing it for what it is, and the bull5hit effect it has on our quom. You're the perfect example of the kind of dimwit it produces.  Go w**k off to some flying jut fantasy. You don't contribute sh1t. And stop using that name you're using: like the Bhindranwale Tiger Force (or any kharkus) would be promoting the low IQ dream world you do.   Screw what you are promoting, clued up apnay and apneean in the UK know exactly where that crap landed us. You're obviously slow, think of this as a catch up lesson. People like you promoting what you are, are exactly why we have this stereotype about Panjabi identity in the first place. 
    • I think like Darshan sio Teja said similar things against Dasam Granth as modern day missionaries that they is praise of Chandi etc etc , sikhs should only believe in one granth
    • Someone who’s against Bhagat Bani really has that much influence on the Panth? They might hold an unofficial title like head of Akal Takht, but Gurmat always wins the end. (Why didn’t we stop respecting Sri Dasam Granth with Darshan Singh?)
    • if that was true why didn't he reinstate keshki for ALL abhilakhees at Akal Takht since that was changed in his active period ?
    • Doesn't really correlate bro.  You could say he ate oatmeal, followed by he was excommunicated and it would sound like the oatmeals fault.  I'll look him up though. 
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