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And So The Kumbh Mela Begins

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Gurbani is clear what the true pilgrimage for a Sikh is. But on the flip side, the kumbh mela is a spectaular event and we should use the opportunity to do parchar of Gurmat and bring the people that

I don't know why khande batta da amrit is being compared as amrit water to sarowar water. Two completely different things!! Firstly, the khande batta da amrit can only be if the 'panj' are present.

That water is blessed, which has been put on this Earth by God. It is the affair of men to decide which water is holy and which is not.

I wish i could be there....fateh too all those blessed god minded souls having darshan and ishnaan.....

Bro go to Gurdwara sahib for your darshan of The True Guru and make sure you jump under your power shower before you do go, so that you get that ishnaan you wish for :-)

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Whilst tirath have its own significance (based on sharda and prem) in eastern dharams like hindus/samaj of sadhus take ishan in ganga, buddhist like wise and sikhs also do take ishanan in amritsar sarovar/many ithasik gurdwaras during tirath (where people got healed based on their sharda and prem during tirath). Gurmat sidhant puts naam/gur shabad as biggest tirath that one could have visited 68 tiraths but without naam, it won't give you salvation. But with that being said, tirath of places cannot be rejected outright, its good to do tirath of places take a dip in ganga(for hindus) and take a ishnan in amritsar sarovar than sitting home - playing xbox for example..lol..When we do in parchar of visiting tirath - taking dip in amritsar sarovar or many isthahisik gurdwaras sarovars, we must ensure in the same breath- we must emphasize while these tiraths/their ishnan are good have its own benefit-good/righteous action - the biggest tirath in Gurmat is Shabad/Naam.

All puratan samparda's including taksal in the past-sant bishan singh ji muralawale, used to ganga kumb mela to do parchar of naam Gurmat. In fact sant gyani gurbachan singh khalsa bhindranwale have full chapter on parchar of Gurmat in Ganga Kumb in original Sri Gurmukh Parkash can be downloaded from mahapurakh.com from page -353-369, titled- Bar Desh Parchar,Ganga Da Kumb, Sri Har Singh Ji Darshan. Sant gyani gurbachan singh ji khalsa bhindranwale writes few dohra's at the starting and the end:

Starting of chapter page-353 Dohra-

Ramdas Sri Satguru, Dashan Daie Kalyan
Amritsar Tirath Kairo, man bachant daie dan ||

End of chapter Dohra page-369

Chale Gang Snan Kai, Gurmat Kar Parchar
Amrit Diya Chakaie Bahoa, Eh Bismata Dhar ||

Likewise piara singh padam writes:

The old ones use to speak of that at beginning of the twentieth century Udasi, Nirmala Sadhus and Nihangs of Budha Dal all together use to take out a royal procession in Hardwar. Like this, the banks of Ganges river use to roar with the glory of Guru Nanak and all of India use to salute Guru Baba Ji.
Sikh Sampardvali, Piara Singh Padam, Pa. 27

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Sikhs do not believe in ritual purification. This Kumbh Mela is not for us.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Siree Raag on Pannaa 75
theerathh varath such sa(n)jam naahee karam dhharam nehee poojaa ||
Pilgrimages, fasts, purification and self-discipline are of no use, nor are rituals, religious ceremonies or empty worship
Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Prabhaatee on Pannaa 1343
nivalee karam bhua(n)gam bhaat(h)ee raechak poorak ku(n)bh karai ||
You may perform exercises of inner purification, and fire up the furnace of the Kundalini, inhaling and exhaling and holding the breath.
bin sathigur kishh sojhee naahee bharamae bhoolaa boodd marai ||
Without the True Guru, you will not understand; deluded by doubt, you shall drown and die.
a(n)dhhaa bhariaa bhar bhar dhhovai a(n)thar kee mal kadhae n lehai ||
The spiritually blind are filled with filth and pollution; they may wash, but the filth within shall never depart.

The following is is what purification is for a Sikh

Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Bhairao on Pannaa 1145
naam hamaarai majan eisanaan ||
The Naam is my cleansing bath and purification.
Guru Amar Daas Ji in Raag Malaar on Pannaa 1286
har sar theerathh jaan manooaa naaeiaa ||
The Lord is my sacred shrine of pilgrimage and pool of purification; I wash my mind in Him.
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    • Possibly various sources but they are not royalty free (graphic designer membership).
    • He probably has more of a disposition than an angenda. At least he recognized the seperate and excellent nature of Sikhs. 
    • I was actually worried a little about the potential daughter in law and just the other day they were talking how happy they would be to have a daughter in law to help out around the house and how much they would enjoy taking care of potential grandchildren. I was immediately imagining this imaginary wife getting into some argument with my parents about taking care of the child and then my parents coming to me to pick sides.  I think one way of preventing the resentment and hatred from building up is to just dive all into the affection and love for them and to do as much as I can to make the situation better rather than letting it go off. It may hurt a lot if things don't workout but that's a necessary risk to change the relationship so much from where it is now to a healthy positive relationship. If these next few months don't workout, this will basically be the backup option. There's a big family cost to you and your future generations for moving out and starting again on your own as well as your immediate family. Ideally, if a family can stick together and work together in a healthy way as a team unit and not harm each other, they can easily become a big success and lay the foundations for success for all future generations. The goal is now to see if everything can workout if I really make a full effort. 
    • I don't intend to deceive them or lie to them at all. I want to be honest with them fully and tell what I think atleast once. I have been thinking how I should tell them in the best way possible where I'm still saying everything I want to say and their potential negative reactions are minimized. I keep rehearsing in my head because then even if everyone gets very emotionally reactive, I will be less likely to react in the same way and make the situation worse. I don't think they would ever go for family therapy or want to involve a third person and I wouldn't want that either. I plan on talking to them soon properly sharing my concerns but not telling them of my intent to move out ( I think I will type up what I plan on saying formally and seek for some final advice on parts of the good draft before going in). I don't want them to change for fear of me moving out as that's not rooted in a healthy place, nor do I want them to think I'm blackmailing them. The biggest points I'd talk to them about changing is the constant fighting/arguing they do daily with each other and sometimes with us. Then I'd also want to set boundaries properly where they stop dumping their emotional problems onto me or have me pick sides in their arguments, or try to have me help them sort out their emotional problems and then simultaneously treat me like an infant. But if I could just have one thing out of all of it I'd want some space and privacy in the house where I don't hear any sound coming from the rest of the house, no tv, no phonecalls, no arguing. .Just somewhere I can go to be alone undisturbed if they're not in a good mood. Someplace I can just go and sit with my mind and do some simran or reflection to find that happiness within. That's the biggest reason I want to move out. To have some quiet place where I can live in this peace. Sometimes I just sit in the washroom for like half an hour with the fan on cause that takes away a good bit of noise, and I just slow my mind down and sit with myself and focus internally. Within the first 10 minutes usually, the worst of the feelings are fading away and my mind starts to slow down and peace starts to come in. All it takes to feel better for me after a bad day is usually this or 20 minutes of simran before I go to sleep. I usually meditate before sleep cause I sleep the latest of everyone and so everyone else is asleep by then. That makes it much quieter and peaceful late at night but it's been screwing up my sleep schedule and productivity lately and I don't think are bodies are naturally meant to be nocturnal and so now I'm trying to fix that. With living at home right now, there isn't enough quietness or peace in the house throughout the day where I can focus fully on the simran or other habits I'm trying to build secretly but there's a small window of hours at night where I can do my simran, workout, work on some skills and be done my personal routine and most of my daily productivity before everyone even gets up or can know. I can overcome the negativity and draining effect because this routine is so energizing and powerful. Maybe I can have more space/quiet by fixing my routine and so maybe I won't have to move out, and maybe life can be good for everyone more often if I had enough energy to overpower my parent's energy and let that influence them positively like theirs influenced me negatively. Maybe they could change for the better. However, I feel like I wasted my entire day if I'm unable to get up early for a day because I missed the golden hours and the rest day is all off without that starting power boost. I've also noticed I'm usually much happier when I'm alone with my siblings and our parents are out somewhere and they're usually much happier too. That's when we usually can relax and really let go and have the most fun, like ordering pizza and watching a movie or some tv show.  I also want my parents to stop sharing things to others about my life (partly why I'm trying to build a secret routine), but I'd even more prefer if no one knew at all, because just having someone know of some good thing or quality or routine you have takes away from it and it's exponentially more worse if they tell others which they do by habit. I have hope for change, so I'm going to fix my routine and have a talk with my parents soon to see if we can make things work and see if things can change. I really want to spend time with my siblings and have a good relationship with my parents and have a good family environment overall so I will do the best I can. However, I am still making all the preparations for M-day(moving day) a few months away as a backup and my parents will have until then to show progress or otherwise I am out. In the absolute worst case, it's just a few more bad months of making my best effort and in the best case, the family improves and becomes whole.   The rest is in guru sahib's hands.  I am going to gurduwara sahib this weekend and will take the morning parkash hukamana they usually have on the tv screen as my personal hukamana and do ardaas for everything to work out. Again thank you all for your advice. It helps clear up and organize my thoughts sharing them here with you and helps prevent me from making big lifelong mistakes and handle the situation better. 
    • probably written by a NRA  supporting American nutjob who wants to big up sikhs to get them onside against musley, typically he even told you what he is up to in the article.
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