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Moolmantar Jaap for the chardikala of Bibi Jagjeet Kaur Ji

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✿✿✿✿ 4788 ✿✿✿✿ Sangat Ji, Bibi Jagjeet Kaur Ji from Sacramento is suffering from a rare form of cancer, The doctors have said that only divine intervention can save her from this fast spreading dis

Please add 25 Added Khalsa Ji, Waheguru

Please accept 54 from myself and 36 from my mother. Thank you. --- Satbaachan! Added Khalsa jee

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I won't do mool mantar but

Is that okay?

Veerji, whatever you can do for a fellow gursikh... We don't know when we will need sangat's help, so anything and everything you can do to help is acceptable in Maharj's charan.

Let's not bring minor and insignificant differences in our beliefs and opinions into this, and lets all do benti to Maharaj

rogee kaa prabh kha(n)ddahu rog ||

God eradicates the disease from the diseased person.

This thread is for Moolmantar Jaap, anything extra is acceptable, but you are not required to post it here. Please feel free to do any other baani paath you feel right.

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