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    • Bhai Sahib, I see it as kaam. Guru sahib clearly tell his Sikhs to control the kaam.
    • men should never show vulnerability or emotions to a women, especially his partner.  or share their deepest feeling and secrets.  women see that as a weakness and take advantage. women never share what they truly are feeling with men yet expect their man to tell them everything. share how you feel and your problems with brothers but not with females.   
    • its rare to see one with a full dhari     they just have goatees or other weird designs.    them paghs are so starched that they actually move around like a hat on the head,  i knew this one kenyan singh and he could move his pagh around while it was still on his head because it was so stiff  gelling your dhari or using other products just completely damages it, i worked with a afghani sikh guy briefly he used some product that completely plastered his dhari to his face, his dhari had patches all over it!  his mustache hair was really damaged and almost gone   looked like a muslim mustache!  dont know why people do that to their dharis  using strong products can also make your dhari go grey a lot earlier as well.   
    • Yogi bhajan exposed    
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