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One of chardi-kalah naam abhyasi singh posted regarding meaning of unmaan:

This last video in the series really elegantly explains the importance and significance of mantra jaap. Must watch if your passionate about Waheguru jaap.Hopefully you will gain even more faith and love for it. Was really nice to hear Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji mentioned a few times with pangtis from gurbani.

If your interested in learning about states of Ishwar and Brahm and the journey to turiya avasta then watch the earlier parts. I was surprised to learn that "unmani" refers to the stage between waking and dreaming. There are references to unman in gurbani but I never quite understood what it meant beyond inward mind



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Thanks for bumping this.

Sometimes we have a lot of friends and people around, but no sangat. Reading posts like this is equivalent to getting sangat for me all without the drama of who is ck and who is not lol.

Prabhjot veerji kithe oh tussi

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Point taken regarding ck.. However, i don't say this often but after this singh start documenting his experience in stages of shabad surat marg on meditation thread on SA and after taking to him and feeling his genuine desire to merge with vahiguroo ji. I felt he is definitely blessed soul from past life.

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