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Bhai Pinderpal Singh Jee and Bhai Harjinder Singh Sri Nagar Vale and others attacked constantly by Missionary-type groups/supporters

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Mod Edit: The problem is posting stuff to their website, not exposing them. I'm sorry you took it the wrong way.

It's a long post, but just read it...it might be my last on this site.

WOW. OMG. I can't believe you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has been happening my whole life.

I always go towards the Truth and people try to get put down/bully/silence me.

It ALWAYS happens to me. That's like my life. I try and do something good or provide some help, and I always get made to look like the bad guy.

First of all, there are many in this Forum who have appreciated my posts and have really given me a warm welcome.

And now, all of a sudden when things are getting rolling.....there are some users criticizing me for doing what other users on this forum are really appreciating.

And it seems like you MODS have taken their side just because they wrote one line whereas I have been writing long posts full of information.

Again, just because someone said I'm "PROMOTING", you're editing all of my hard work and deleting it.


Am I promoting? I told you again and again, I'm not promoting. It's what the truth is. That information has been circulating the net/newspapers/sangat for years....but there are very few people out there with the work ethic or brains to critically think for a second and connect the dots.

I posted all of those links to show how much of an impact they are making through articles/media day in and day out.

Are you promoting their trash here. Please delete all this trash as it is sickening to listen this bukwas.

sangat know their mindset.You need to post their trash here again and agian.

stop making these threads and do something useful.

If you want to have an intellectual discussion then do so by actually having an intelligent discussion.

That trash is exactly the only evidence anyone has about what they do. Anytime anyone brings forth anything, their main excuse is that it is "edited". This is evidence. NOT TRASH. Detectives and researchers are more than willing to go and look in the garbage can for clues. Where's your intellect gone now? You got to get your hands a little dirty if you want some progress.

Sangat knows their mindset?


That's why Bhai Pinderpal Singh Jee gets denied from doing Katha in Seattle by the so-called "Sangat" and Dhunda is welcomed with open arms and honoured.

Don't even talk about the "Sangat", because I don't think 99% of you know the severity of the situation.

Some people on this forum told me that Darshan is not a factor in india or anywhere really and that he's not even a Sikh.

Ask that to the so-called "Sangat". He is alive and well. He still goes around the world and is invited specially all the time. His events are always jam packed in Gurdaras around the world no matter how big or small. He is making a major impact. Stop being so closed-minded.

You want an intellectual discussion?

Well it's not going to be about Sarbloh Bibek, Nitnem, Simran, Rehit, Maryada, Dasam Duar, Anhad Shabad, Amrit Ras, Amrit Vela, Ridhis, Sidhis.

99% of the youth don't even know the names of the 10 Guru's bodies (let alone in the proper order), and you're telling me you want to talk about some "intellectual and intelligent discussion".

Get a grip on reality for once and realise that the world doesn't revolve around you. Just because you may be fine in your path of Sikhi, doesn't mean that the other 99% is.

The door is WIDE OPEN for missionary/kala-afghana/rss groups to destroy Sikhi.

It's no joke.

They come on almost every Punjabi tv show, radio program, newspaper, Gurdwara, banquet hall...you name it. Those of you who are telling me on this forum that you didn't know who Thailand or Ghagga were before I brought it up....well, you would know if you went out of your little sarbloh-bibeki-amritdhari bubble for a second.

They have more than 25 solid "parchaaraks" at the moment with many many more being pushed out into the world through their missionary college education.

They have went around the world...from the biggest cities to the smallest pinds/villages which none of you "intelligent and intellectual" people would ever care about.

I have seen most of their videos and read most of their articles.

I know how serious this is.

They are causing a major rift between different groups.

They are trying to remove everything except Guru Granth Sahib.

Well, there goes 5 K's, Nitnem, Amrit, Shastar, many many historical Gurdwaras, lot's of history, lot's of Granths/literature, etc, etc, etc.

They are narrowing down the majority of Sikh Sangat to just Guru Granth...and that's where Sikhi will be finished.

I mean it.

If there is only Guru Granth...Sikhi as we know it today and have known it for the past 300 years will be finished.

Because once there is only Guru Granth, they will disect that as well and pick it apart piece by piece.

Nihangs/Taksal/AKJ are in the MINORITY.

Hair cut, drinking, smoking, eating meat, etc....they are the majority. They own/manage most of the Gurdwara properties around the world. Accept that bitter truth whether you like it or not.

Where's your intellect and intelligence gone when trying to appeal to those people and give them a boost into Sikhi? Because the missionaries are sure appealing to them through their sweet talk and parchar.

Where is your counter-parchar?

Apart from a few seminars, it's non-existant.

I have been following this for years.

I have seen it unfold.

People doubted me when I said that Darshan is with Sarna and RSS and Kala-Afghana and Missionaries.

People doubted me when I said that Misssionaries are with Sarna and Darshan and Kala-Afghana.

People doubted me when I said Dhunda is one of them too.

Now what do we have?

We have pictures of Darshan with Kala-Afghana.

Jeonwala with Kala-Afghana.

Dhunda with Ghagga, Thailand, and others.

Dhunda with Darshan as well?

Wait.....did I just say that?

Dhunda with Darshan? A picture exists?

I bet you didn't know that! Because until now, the dhunda supporters have been denying dhunda's links with anyone else.


I was going to post that picture in the coming days...but...hey,,,

I guess it's not intellectual or intelligent enough for you.

Remember me....

because watch in around 10-15 years time what will be the state of Sikhi if the missionaries succeed.

Stop being selfish and start thinking about future generations.


And by the way...at the moment...the missionaries are winning and have been for the past 10 years....

You can carry on with your intellectual/intelligent/useful discussions/actions/research now.

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veerji no doubt ur intentions are good and u wanna aware people.......but i think

only problem is by posting direct links to there dust sites.........u r giving them promotion.......

jus think this way ........2000 people read ur post and they will go to that sites....

.........1000 going there , doesnt know who is right or wrong.......

such is there way of parchar on their sites and videos......... that 500 out of them gonna believe them.....and now for sure dese 500 gonna multiply after that.

so instead if u feel pain the way they slander.... just share ur thoughts on this forum.........

and share good articles instead...

n wen u feel frustrated see these kind of videos..........

let me tell u ........what happent to me personally

from ur post i went to dat page ......slandering Hari singh ji .....and i really regret reading ur post...it ruined my day.

end of the day Maharaj gonna show them there placeI....Its all happening in his hukum ....jamdoot gonna deal with them........

bhul chuk maaf ji...............

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the missionary anti dasam granth brigade is the result of kalyug strengthening its grip on people, ignorance spreads like wildfire and soon the ignorant will outnumber the few who feel and believe.....

... the ultimate sign of kalyug - the sikhs are now trying to teach their Guru

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Our honest mistake that we edited your original post. Someone reported your post and we mistakenly edited your post without verifying contents in details. We thought it might be the case of troll who sometime takes panth side while revealing negative agenda later on. We apologize for the lost of your hard work.

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    • glad we can agree on that but I don't think it is too nirmala influenced (I am not a taksali by no means) other than what I mentioned bout the akhand paaths etc. (same goes for sant samajis) I think I talked bout taksal in another thread, but modern day Taksal would be puratan version of nirmalas back when they were panthic scholars being the forefront of parchar as Taksal was originally indistinguishable from Tarna Dal/nihang singhs  maybe we can open a seperate thread on how influenced do you think many of the sants of 20th century by nirmalas (IMO more than taksal itself) because that is something I find weird  also I think you are responding to former much earlier replies of mine I just noticed 
    • I hv great respect for all taksal jathedaars u mentioned. I long for the charan dhoor(dust) of the feet of Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. But only Guru Sahib is 100% correct. Just because taksali Singhs started reading lot more vedic granths due to nirmala influence, that does not mean they lost all their spiritual power and we saw that power in 1984. Taksal is very important for Khalsa panth but it needs some improvements.
    • sorry did not mean to reduce the language of farsi to being merely worldy, but that was the primary role of it back in the day and why bhai mehta kalu ji ordered his son to learn it on advice of rai bular who gauranteed his recommendation for guru nanak getting a sarkari job 
    • like I said, yes both are optimal  but vedic literature should be more prioritized and be the prerequisite (as was the case with guru nanak dev ji or other guru sahiban who first learned sanskrit before moving on to a madrasa) (you don't run before you learn to crawl)  farsi has always been considered foreign language and as beautiful it may be, it still isn't as much of a reference in gurbani as vedas/puranas/devtas/nirgun sargun/yugas/karma/reincarnation/the primal sound/kalki avtar (I forgot what nihangs called it) especially in sggs  mind you bachitar natak, and of course tons of more dasam bani still draws stories of charitar pakhyan from puranas, and guru sahib did a whole katha on the avatars of vishnu  and like I have said before, in this day than never, we aren't as aware of the historical references behind much of gurbani as much as our predecessors so often many of us confuse dasam bani to be an infusion of vedic mat so we need to be a bit more literate of vedic mat to be able to differentiate between that and sikhi when reading bani   I don't want to belittle any specific school of thought, but abrahamic ideology is also much more linear and simple compared to sikhi so trying to understand sikhi through western lenses is a much more difficult task compared to a hindu looking at sikhi and recognizing many gurmat principles such as meditation, connecting with paarbrahm, langar, karma (although westerners also believe in deeds being a large part of judgement in parlok) etc. 
    • Guru Sahib quoted ferdowsi poet in Zafarnama. Guru Sahib got kimia saadat Persian Granth into gurmukhi from peer budhu Shah. So Guru Sahib did not just read Persian Granths to learn Persian language as it was the worldly/political language. Guru Sahib also appreciated many thoughts in spiritual Farsi literature. So taksali students shud read farsi spiritual literature alongside vedic literature.
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