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    • You need a VERY VERY VERY high level of prema bhagti to overcome Kaam. Some Yogis go as far as cutting their <banned word filter activated>. Some practice some asanas that block the generation of semen in them.    Forget it man, its takes a Maha-SuperMan to overcome this vice.
    • Let me tell you something. Initially I laughed off your post, because no matter what you read or do, you will ultimately maturbate.  Kaam is IMPOSSIBLE to Fight. Well, there is 0.0000000001% chance you can overcome this vice. But let me tell you that this Vikaar is like Solid Rock on the path. In a nuttshell, its almost IMPOSSIBLE to fight this vice. You need to have something DRASTIC happen in your life that will give you that realization where you automatically give up Kaam.    I can give you tips. Dont look at women, Dont talk to them, Dont look at their pics on the net, Dont Think of women. 
    • @singhsince1981 This covers everything from Naam to Kesh you've been asking about lately. Enjoy.   
    • Well done brother for asking about this, it takes confidence to talk about this. Kaam is required for god’s creation to flourish. Attraction between male & female = off-spring Guru Nanak Ji gave a really simple & powerful teaching how to control the mind; Look on others (women) good. View elders as mothers, equal age as sisters, youngers as daughters  Getting attached with kaam is indeed bad; he kaamang, narak bisraamang ~ oh kaam, you drag people (who get attached with you) to hell  It’s energy from base chakar called mhuladhara, it’s too powerful to fight. If energy builds up it needs to ‘be released’ - fine do it.  Exercise & sports will release built up energy too and good stress relief. Ultimately Naam Simran takes you beyond kaam pleasures. Basically don’t get addicted to it, keep on praying, keep good sangat
    • But don’t you forget Naam while taking a test in school or watching a movie because both those things draw full attention. No disrespect just curious 
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