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Parmjit Uttrankands pathetic responses on radio

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I've listened to his Katha before on youtube. He's just another dasvi pass missionary "scholar". He uses the same tactic other missionaries use. All his Katha or discussion consists of is doing Kintu Prantu of long held Sikh traditions and beliefs and make people faithless. People like him don't define Sikhi from Gurbani, because for them Sikhi is defined by worldly science.

For them Bhai Pinderpal Singh is a prime target since Bhai Pinderpal Singh Ji strikes the right balance between old and modern point of views. Since they can't refute Bhai Pinderpal Singh using daleel/logic they try to do personal attacks on him like this clown is doing.

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I listened to the whole question and answer session and I found no difference between Parmjit Singh Uttrankands and Sarbjit Singh Dhunda. It's the same thinking, but a different face.

Read Sikh history and you will find that kathavachaks were attuned to delivering the sangat to Satguru and not to themselves. When kathavachaks had issues of who was doing wrong parchar. The kathavachaks would sit together and ask each other questions to understand both sides, and one or both would admitted where they are wrong. The sangat was left out of it and the sangats was not emotionally charged by one side to attack the other kathavachaks. These days the Missionaries are running away from this mutual respect of having a face to face discussion with Panthic Kathavachaks. Why can't they learn from our great great grandfathers and not get the sangat emotionally charged to further their manmat? Why get the sangat involved that have a basic understanding of Sikhi and anyone with higher understanding can manipulate the sangat. Have a open discussion that will be recorded with Panthic kathavachaks and then the sangat can decide for themselves after watching the video.

This is getting really ridiculous where these Brahmins (Sarbjit Singh Dhunda) are throwing sangat infront of them to fight their battles. The qualities of a Gursikh is to unite two parties that are in disagreement or fighting with one another or tell them to go their separate ways. Instead these kathavachaks get brothers and brothers to fight each other on the streets, at homes, and completely disturbing any unity that was left in the Sikhs. In California where a fight broke out in the Gurdwara, where was Sarbjit Singh Dhunda? He was hiding behind your sisters and mothers. The fight broke out because the Singhs were promised a question and answer session with Sarbjit Singh Dhunda by the Gurdwara committee, but then the committee or Dhunda Sahib backed out of the promise. Any reasonable person at that time would understand that these Singhs just wanted to ask me questions and through this discussion I can unveil the truth to the sangat. Matter of fact Dhunda's party has said on stage and accused others of not holding question and answer sessions with the sangat. They accuse other kathavachaks and babas of just telling their own stories and attaching the sangat to themselves What bigger hypocrite can there be than Dhunda Sahib, who not only backed out of the discussion, but didn't even have the integrity to stand on his own words. When it came time to prove he is a fearless kathavachak, then hes telling your sister and mother give me your chunni. He has no integrity at least let your sisters and mothers hold on to their integrity.

I have been watching videos of both sides and Dhunda Sahib and party are manipulating the sangat to a corner. The Panthic side needs to understand that 99.99% of the sangat is being emotionally manipulated and they have no fault in this. So if a member or members of the sangat attack you verbally or physically..........don't attack back. It's like when a evil uncle puts a younger brother against the older brother. The older brother needs to see eventually the younger brother will realize his mistakes and will come back around to accepting reality.

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