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An Introduction to the Sacred Language of the Sikhs (Gurbani Grammer English)

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How is this compared to other grammar books? Any big differences? Compared to Prof. Sahib Singh etc.


Prof. Sahib Singh's Gurbani grammar is a little bit hard to understand and you differently need to have a good amount of knowledge of Gurmukhi to understand.

Gyani Harbans Singh Ji also wrote a Gurbani Grammer called 'Naveen Gurbani Vyakarn which is far easier to understand then Prof. Sahib Singh's

Naveen Gurbani Vyakarn

This one by Christopher Shackle is written for beginners or who dont have any knowledge of Gurmukhi so this one would be great for anyone is it very easy to understand and each of the lessons build on each other. Waheguru

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