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British Organisation of Sikh Students (BOSS)?!

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I used to remember going on the website whilst at uni finding out about events, camps etc.

Especially the London/Midlands Uni's were really active on there...this website was important for Sikhs going to uni living independently, discovering Sangat and Sikhi etc but now it looks like the latest update for a camp was in 2011.

Does the organisation even exist any more?

I remember there being a British Sikh Student Federation that was separate from BOSS... what happened to that?

Is there no Umbrella organisation functioning any more for UK Sikh Societies like the National Hindu Students' Forum (NHSF) !?!

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Organisations like this are usually built around a small group of people. As they get older they dont really hand the reins over so the organisations just wind down. I think they both exist but dont have as much presence as they used to.

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Vaheguru ji ki khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh

veerji i am not a member of boss but know of gursikhs that do seva with them:

i spoke to a sevadar he explained:

boss is still active and helps out sikh socs and youth groups across the country, the website was a hub for events etc but since face book etc its easier for uni sikh socs and youth group to contact each other.

boss still works with the NUS and other likeminded groups when matters arise we work with them.

If you want to help contact them on info@boss-uk.org

Hope that helps

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