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Veer Jee,

BC has nice scenerey here and there, but that's about it.

From what I've heard BC is way worse than Ontario.

In what ways?

  • weather-wise (Ontario has better weather)
  • MAJOR gang/drug/gun/youth problem (due to water access from the ocean and land access from USA)
  • MAJOR smuggling problem (due to water access from the ocean and land access from USA)
  • MAJOR missionary/kala-afghana stronghold and brainwashed mindset
  • Modern Sikhism takeover (examples: tables and chairs for EVERYONE, not just seniors/disabled individuals. Also a major problem is the purposeful mixing of culture and religion. In BC, Nagar Keertans have Bhangra, Giddha and singing performances going throughout the Nagar Keertan, on huge stages and what-not. And the really messed up part is that when you see the people at the Nagat Keertans being interviewed, they say they LOVE it and that there should be more of it happening. More people are focused on the dancing and partying there rather than the Nagar Keertan itself. It's really messed up over there.) You would NEVER (hopefully) see that in Toronto. A lot of Toronto Sangat actually shakes their heads when they hear about these kinds of things going on in BC.
  • Ontario has ALOT of Sangat. There is a large number of AKJ, DDT, Nanaksar, etc. Lots of Gursikhs and senior Gursikhs in Toronto or visit Toronto all the time.
  • Last but not the least, Ontario has just as nice scenery as BC. If you go even just 20-30 minutes outside of the city, there are beautiful landscapes with trees, quiet neighbourhoods and amazing atmosphere.

^ That's what I've understood from others over the years.

I agree, BC nagar kirtans are more like a Punjab parade. surrey is known for its punjabi gangs, crime and those so called sikhs who label themselves as 'jatts'. and yeah toronto has a lot more smaagams and you get more gursikhs living there than BC

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any place in the lower mainland or abbotsford will not be too far from a decent gurdwara that follows basic maryada. abbotsford is probably the furthest east you can go in the fraser valley as mission's gurdwara is, from what i've heard, very very liberal. i don't see why you would want to llive in a small town as they lack in opportunities for youth and have smaller sangat (so less kamai).

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