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Why do we need to pursue Sat, Truth, Satya, etc.?

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Guest dasguruka

I always have to remind myself about this. Like Why am I pursuing a religion? What does Sat, Truth has to do with anything? Like You can work, earn, feed yourself and live a happy life so why would anyone need to pursue righteousness?

Why would anyone want to pursue the True Light?

What would happen if you don't?

Please share your experiences :)

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For me this is abit of a shock as knowing of the Truth, is what drives me in Life, for people just turning off that part saying and I dont care to much, well if it was that way we wouldn't have what we call modern science and would still be living in the dark ages, its the slow transition of knowing more and more is what has the attributed of the Physical world giving us what we have things like Gps, or Planes or Nukelier Plants to medicines that keep us from serious illnesses.

Put aside the spiritual side, which i think is the most important humans venture, if we stop moving forward in the Physical world we wouldn't have new technologies or medicines to cure new disease its because of forward thinking people we have what we do now in the world.

Other side to the question what if we put a blind eye to Gurbani, well Gurbani Says "Bin Simran Naark Pyai" without meditating on Vaheguru its a strait road to Hell, also Gurbani says this Breath we have been given will one day be accounted for in the court of Vaheguru where our good deeds and bad deeds will be dissected and according to your karam you will be given your next Life. So alot rides on knowing what the truth is.

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