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Well the guy has done which no average Sikh ( mona or otherwise) has done. So please stop criticizing him for this. We need to support him

The Sant Samaj stated that they had over 30 members who were elected onto the SGPC as a result of supporting Akali Dal Badal. If correct then surely the 30 should come out in support of Sada Haq film

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Between Us - Kuljinder Sidhu - Sadda Haq - 14 April 2013

latest interview

also listen from 6:40 ....its first time on indian channel .......anybody sharing true picture about what sant jarnail singh ji bhidranwale wanted............

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Film banned in India - Sadda Haq - draws thousands to Ilford cinema to see story of Punjabi militancy - News - Ilford Recorder


Wednesday, April 17, 2013
9:00 AM
A film which has been banned in parts of India for its portrayal of militant groups has been drawing thousands of people to an Ilford cinema.

Sadda Haq is a fictional account of a hockey player who joins a militant group which its makers say draws on real-life “torture” against Sikhs in India in the 1980s.

It has reportedly been banned by state governments in Punjab and other regions in India but has been bumped up to a larger screen at the Cineworld in Clements Road, with Ilford’s Sikh community flocking to watch it.

The Punjabi film, with English subtitles, has drawn fans including Aman Singh, 27, of The Drive, Ilford.

He said: “The film shows both sides of the story and I think it’s a great watch. I found myself lost in the storyline, I enjoyed it.”

And coach-loads of people went from the Karamsar gurdwara in High Road, Ilford, to the Indian High Commission in London on Monday to protest against the ban.

Cllr Balvinder Saund of Seven Kings ward, who said she was one of the first people in line to watch it, said events which inspired it include riots against Sikhs in India in 1984 following the death of Indira Gandhi.

She added: “It doesn’t say anything against the Hindu community or any other communities.

“It is a voice of conscience.”

Ali Raza, Cineworld’s Ilford manager, said the film was originally screened in a 165-seater theatre but was moved to one of the cinema’s largest, holding 300 people, and extra shows have been put on.

He said: “With some Bollywood films we can estimate the audience but we can’t predict with some Punjabi films.” A delegation of Hindu organisations reportedly called for it to be permanently banned because they alleged it glorified the Khalistan movement, which wants a separate Sikh country within the Punjab region of South Asia.

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I also noticed only on the second watch of the film that Kartar Singhs last words in the film are a quote from Sant Jarnail Singh.

yes.....even i notice this ......1st time............even if u watch this

listen 6:45 ......listen from 6:40 ....its first time on indian channel .......anybody sharing true picture about what sant jarnail singh ji bhidranwale wanted............

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Also did you see that in the film at the beginning Kuljinder Singh's character is reading Sachi Sakhi by Kapur Singh whilst lying down on the manja. Kapur Singh was a Cambridge educated Sikh who held a senior Civil Servant position at Independence. He saw fist hand how India's new leaders had a contempt for Sikhs when he sat in meetings and read their documents. He came to the conclusion that Sikhs were not safe in India and wrote his book Sachi Sakhi explaining what was happening. The Indians removed him from his position. The book was a big motivator for the movement in the late 70's/80's.

How can we get this book Sachi Sakhi?

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    • I've always had a deep problems with folks accepting things like obe's, mbe's , awards from Lizzie etc.  Apart from the fact that you kneel before royals to accept them (I thought us Sikhs only bowed to Maharaj ).. you also kneel before what those people represent and kind of take an oath to them. Many of these folks who drone on about racism , empire etc...can't run fast enough to pick up their 'awards' from that very establishment (empire). Very hypocritical.  Suppose Arungzeb's ancestors were around, would you you be cool with accepting a Member of the Mughal Empire ? If you look at what the British did to the Sikh Raj and to our systems and beliefs it's not far off Arungzeb's , in fact Id say the British did a better job at weakening Sikhi. As for this 'celebration' of Sikhs fighting for the British in world wars etc... The reason was that the British paid well. Go to India not a single statue or commemoration of 'indians' who fought for the British. But you have loads of statues for Bose and his Indians (including plenty of Sikhs) who fought against the British interests in ww2.  These awards by the establishment basically are awards for compliance and a nudge nudge wink wink that you'll toe the establishment line going forward. I personally have an infinite amount of respect for folks like Benjamin Zephaniah who stick to their principles, rather than selling their souls to the lot who killed and persecuted our ancestors    https://www.theguardian.com/books/2003/nov/27/poetry.monarchy       
    • Lol  First the Olympics now this, it isn't the pity prize for dudes that can't cut it.   
    • https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10132311/Some-lesbians-feel-pressured-sex-trans-women-fears-branded-transphobic.html   Lesbians feel pressured into having sex with trans women over fears of being branded 'transphobic' while those who refuse face death threats, claim activists Lesbians claimed they get abuse if they do not wish to sleep with trans women Some claim they've been pressured to have sex with trans women with penises Transgender rights activists believe having genital preference is discriminatory  By KATIE FEEHAN FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 15:48, 26 October 2021 | UPDATED: 05:30, 27 October 2021     Some lesbians claim they have faced accusations of transphobia and threats of violence if they admit they are not attracted to trans women. Lesbians have spoken out and said they have at times felt pressured to have sex with trans women or coerced into accepting them as partners. More than half of the 80 women who responded to a survey by campaigning group Get the L Out reported being pressured or coerced to accept a trans woman as a sexual partner.
    • It might be interpreted as a piece designed to get the adrenaline pumping; to manipulate those of us who are easily excitable into leaping head-first into battles as a way of apparently honouring our ancestors' sacrifice; to refresh the memory of those of us who've forgotten about the ancient enemy that descended from the sands of Arabia. If I was a suspicious guy I'd think this was an article that wanted to achieve all those things. That's almost as damaging as the vindictive, hateful narrative of the Indian media.
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