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3 days in and no media coverage at all all around the world


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  • Sikhs in Uk have been protesting outside 10 Downing street since Friday non stop since Friday
  • Potential death of an innocent man who has been in a hospital for 6 months or so because of mental health issue

And yet no media outlets in Uk or the world are reporting this. Not even a signal mention. I cannot applaud and be proud of the Sangat who are there right now and overnight. It gets me so angry however, that our efforts are falling on deaf ears here.

It goes to show that politicians and media don't care about protests or whatever it doesn't matter to them one bit if it don't interest them. The thing they are interested in is money and power. This is what we have to take away from them to get noticed.

We can stop our voting or funding for these parties then that would be a start, its drastic but it would make them notice. It might just be a slight dent to these politicians but it will make them notice. Let them know that if they don't even at least acknowledge the fact that we have been protesting that we will take some sort of action against them. Stop funding these politicians if we even do now because this is all they care about.

If we can all unite and this is the big thing but if we unite together we can make a bigger difference, if anyone got any ideas of how to tackle this add them on here. We need to it them where it hurts

Phul Chuk Maaf

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