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Harjinder Singh Jinda

Harjinder Singh Jinda Nickname Jinda Born 1961
20px-Flag_of_India.svg.png Village Gadli, Amritsar, Punjab, India Died 9 October 1992
20px-Flag_of_India.svg.png Pune, Maharashtra, India Allegiance Khalistan Commando Force Years of service 1984–1992 Battles/wars Khalistan movement

Awards “Great Martyr’ of the Sikh nation

Harjinder Singh Jinda was a member of a Sikh organisation Khalistan Commando Force and one of the two assassins of Arun Vaidya (the Chief of Indian army at the time of Operation Blue Star and architect of Operation Blue Star). He was responsible for three high-profile killings; Arjan Dass, Lalit Maken and Gen. Vaidya. He along with other members of Khalistan Commando Forceparticipated in Indian history's biggest bank robbery of Rs.57.0 million ($4.5 million) from Punjab National Bank, Miller Gunj branch, Ludhiana[8] to finance the campaign for a separate Sikh state of Khalistan.









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Police ohna ni kade ni fad saki.........ohna de bad luck karan oh fade gye...... HARJINDER SINGH JINDA ----Arrest and death

On 17 September 1986, Sukha got into an accident with a truck in Pimpri, Pune and was arrested. He was riding the same black motorcycle which was used at the time of assassination of General Vaidya. Jinda was arrested at Gurdwara Majnoo Daa Tilla, Delhi in March 1987. He was shot in the legs at the time of his arrest. During their court trial, despite admitting to the killing, they pled not-guilty, justifying their actions by saying that Vaidya was "guilty of a serious crime, the punishment for which could only be death".[32] They were awarded death sentences at 2:05 pm on 21 October 1989. Sukha and Jinda also wrote a letter to president of India asking for "No-Clemency" prior to their hanging.[53] They welcomed their death sentences with Sikh religious slogans of Jo Bole So Nihal and their political slogans of Khalistan Zindabad.

On 9 October 1992, early in the morning, Sukhdev Singh "Sukha" and Harjinder Singh "Jinda" were hanged until death in Pune Jail. The Independent World mentioned “While being led from their cell to the gallows set up in the Yerawada gaol yard, the two convicted killers shouted slogans for Sikh independence in the Punjab”.[54] Both of them were hanged at 4 am inYerwada Central Jail Pune while extraordinary security was deployed at the jail and in the periphery of Pune to oppose any possible Sikh militant attack. Security was also tightened all over Northern India

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