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SGPC asks Akal Takht chief to resolve issue with Taksal

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To resolve the controversy triggered by the Damdami Taksal’s move to inscribe the name of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale at the entrance of Operation Bluestar Memorial, the SGPC today requested Akal Takht chief Giani Gurbachan Singh and Golden Temple’s Head Granthi Mal Singh to resolve the matter with the Taksal. Rajinder Singh Mehta, SGPC executive member, will coordinate the talks. Sources said Jathedar Gurbachan Singh and Head Granthi Giani Mal Singh may meet Taksal chief Baba Harnam Singh Khalsa tomorrow. They said that SGPC chief Avtar Singh Makkar had a telephonic talk with Baba Harnam Singh.

As part of damage control, the SGPC has turned around the ‘golak’ kept inside the memorial which had Bhindranwale's name on it. However, there are five more spots where Bhindranwale's name has been inscribed- two marble plaques atop the memorial entrance, two aluminum plaques on either side of the staircase and a board mentioning the history of Operation Bluestar on the left side of the entrance.

The Dal Khalsa today ridiculed the SGPC president's claim that the Taksal had kept him in the dark on the issue of dedicating the memorial to Bhindranwale. Quoting from the resolution passed at the SGPC executive committee meeting on May 3, 2012, party chief HS Dhami said it clearly stated that the “meeting authorises Damdami Taksal head Baba Harnam Singh to raise the memorial near Akal Takht in memory of Sant Bhindranwale" and others killed in the Army operation.

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MARK MY WORDS........hun akal takht de jathedar de mode te rakh ke goli chlauni ae makad te badal ne .............

akal takht jathedar ( badal agent ) will agree to remove it..... and then makar will say ......we have to obey akal takht

ahe saare kutan joge hoye a

mur ave baba teer valiya...... titar fer udariya maarde...........

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sikhan nall koi dhakka ni ho reha veerji ....they dont care .........govt. always do wat masses wants

actually shame on sikhs living in punjab......... dey keep voting him back......

badal in very intelligent ... he was with sant ji till ... shaheedi ..........( coz he was geting power)

then he saw ...wat happended with simranjeet singh mann ...( who fought election on name of santji ...and lost badly everytime )

so to regain power he distance himself from santji ...and now with BJP its big NO NO NO NO for him ........


they can save santji name from gurudwara .......coz see wat happened at time of rajona ....all of punjab protest and BJP didnt dare to speak against him........

ohhh but sikh in punjab are busy watching other movies, drinking alcohol , flirting with girls ..... and ask them who was santji .....and they say.."terrorist"

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When Sant Jarnail Singh have been given the title of Shaheed by the SGPC and Akal Takhat , then what is the problem. It is likely that Badal wants to look good in front of the BJP/RSS/Shiv sena so he does not loose their votes, hence stirring things up.

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