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Two groups that immediately come to my mind are gays in north america (all abrahmic religions hate them with a passion but gays& lesbians do have spiritual hunger) and lower caste , extremely poor people in India .

Sehajdhaaris are fine as I think thats the first pauri ... eventually they or their kids will evolve in gurmat enough to take up amrit.

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Two groups that immediately come to my mind are gays in north america (all abrahmic religions hate them with a passion but gays& lesbians do have spiritual hunger) and lower caste , extremely poor people in India .

Sehajdhaaris are fine as I think thats the first pauri ... eventually they or their kids will evolve in gurmat enough to take up amrit.

wrong about gays as they can not become Sikh if they follow the gay lifestyle its anti-sikh but we do not persecute them or discriminate against them. We let them be unlike other faith communities. But approaching them to become Sikhs is a complete non-starter better to let them come to Sikhs once their nasha of wrong sexual practises wears off.

Regarding sehajdhari's wrong again. Sehajdhari's make up 90% of the Sikh community, because they have not had any parchaar they have fallen into drinking, inter-faith relationships at determent of Sikhism, drugs, gambling, uncontrollable debt, lack of interest in sikh faith-history-politics..... why? because they been marginalised rather than being catered for they are left to their own devices for other faiths to prey on particularly christians and muslims who know how to target them for conversions.

The people we as a kaum should be targeting for parchar are:

1) hindus especially hindu punjabis (who have family relations with most punjabi Sikhs and readily convert).

2) Muslims especially muslim females should be given parchar as the muslims often target Sikh/hindu girls for conversions so why not show muslim girls why Sikhism is the truth.

3)And 3rd Christians.... alot of white and some black westerners are converting to Sikhism by themselves but again often feel neglected and left to their own devices with no real sangat around them, they need help and support into normalization into Sikh community.

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1. Over 5 million tribal Sikhs scattered in central India are losing their Sikhi Sidak and are being targetted by Christian missionaries. They need to be bhought back into the mainstream - worldly and Sikhi education.

2. Thousands of 'low-caste' Hindus have embraced Sikhi in MP, Bihar they need to be helped as they're facing hostility from upper caste Hindus and the administration. They need to be armed with knowledge for more Parchar, some districts can easily become Sikh majority.

3. We need to reach out to the dalits in Haryana (Dalit-Jat issue in Haryana is very tensed since time).

4. We need to establish Gurdwaras in poor nations that reach out to the local population (langar, quenching spiritual thirst).

5. Translating Banis into various languages and make standard leaflets about things such as God in Sikhi, equality, history, greatness of the Gurus that can be translated into every language of the world and then distributed.

6. Encourage conversion into Sahejdhari form. Some people consider someone as converted only when the person has taken Amrit, which is not right. Once people come into Sikhi, with time they will get fully into Sikhi through Anubhav or intermarriages etc.

There is a growing population of Sikhs in South America, 3HO (altough I don't agree with some of their stuff) are doing a good job.

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Paji my very brief input this morning is that I echo much of what SevadaarEKhalsa Ji has said.

I believe that we shouldn't worry too much about appealing to gay folks or European or Arabic or even Punjabi males from Islamabad (though of course we should never discourage them). But I simply believe the amount of resources it will take to reach to one person from the aforementioned communities, ten people in India or sub-saharan Africa can stride towards Sikhi employing the same financial and time resources.

India and sub-saharan Africa are where the need for educational+healthcare assistance is greatest and where Sikhi and its ethos of Sarbat Da Bhala are needed most. It's important that we don't expect all such new Sikhs to be Amritdhari. The more that are Amritdhari is great obviously but if by insisting upon only new Amritdhari members of the Panth, we thereby limit the general population pool of the Sikh Panth from which new Amritdhari GurSikhs can arise in the future, then we would be doing the Panth a huge disservice and doing exactly what the RSS+our enemies want - they want the smallest population possible for the Sikh Panth.

So that we become a smaller and even less powerful minority, that is prone to constant human rights abuses due to our 1.8% percent population in India not being very statistically important in Indian elections. And before we get too wrapped up in sourcing new Sikhs here in the West, we shouldn't ignore that Dera Ballan with help from RSS+Congress wish to define 3million current Panth members as non-Sikhs by the 2021.

So we need to be vigilant in Punjab at the same time - whilst realising that the main future growth of Panth will come from the poorer parts of India and sub-saharan Africa rather than Punjab. Sikhi in Punjab will only flourish when we manage to eradicate the drugs menace, the flood of alcohol, the selective infanticde of females and concentrate of helping the poor with education and healthcare and eradicating jaath-paath in bakhre bakhre Gurdware, matrimonial apartheid and village level segmentation residentially, as well as the learning from enemies of the Panth from Dera's to Christian missionaries and ISI drug mules who have re-activated practices like prayers to Pirs to generate extra revenue from gullible Sikhs (and re-activating mosques with the proceeds).

In short, every Sikh has to play his or her part for the Panth in the best way they know either directly or at the least via daswand.




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    • No. But it’s an interesting thread and still relevant. There’s not a massive amount of other active threads on this site Are there any Sikh schools in America or Canada (wherever you’re from ) ?
    • I think it's this one https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/worry-over-horrendous-deliberate-fly-1234647
    • https://ommcomnews.com/india-news/offensive-photo-shoot-at-kartarpur-annoys-sikh-community Offensive Photo Shoot At Kartarpur Annoys Sikh Community   Offensive Photo Shoot At Kartarpur Annoys Sikh Community By OMMCOM NEWS On Nov 29, 2021    Share New Delhi:  A clothing brand recently came under fire after an alleged photo shoot at the Kartarpur Gurdwara in Pakistan. In the shoot, a Lahore-based model can be seen bareheaded, posing for the camera, compromising the sanctity of the place, Express Tribune reported. Pakistan Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry and members of the Sikh community expressed annoyance over the fashion photoshoot at the Kartarpur shrine, Pakistan Observer reported. Chaudhry slammed the designer and the model for the photoshoot. “The Designer and the model must apologise to Sikh Community #KartarPurSahib is a religious symbol and not a Film set,” he wrote on Twitter. Manjinder Singh Sirsa, the President of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management committee, also condemned the act, calling it “desecration”. “Pakistan court issued arrest warrant of star who did dance video at Mosque; same must be done against this woman from Lahore as an example of treating all religion at par.” “Otherwise, any talk of respect for Sikhism is hollow,” he said. In another tweet, Sirsa commented: “Such behaviour and act at the pious place of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is totally unacceptable! Can she dare to do the same at her religious place in Pakistan? Imran Khan and the government of Pakistan should take immediate action to stop this trend of treating Sri Kartarpur Sahib as a picnic spot by Pakistani people.” Meanwhile, the clothing brand, Mannat, has issued a clarification on the matter. The Instagram page has since removed the controversial posts and released a statement, the report said. “The pictures posted on our accounts are NOT part of any shoot done by Mannat Clothing. These pictures were provided to us by a third-party (blogger) in which they were wearing our dress. Please note that Mannat has absolutely NO role in deciding how and where the pictures were taken,” the statement read. “However, we accept our mistake that we should not have posted this content and we apologise to every single person who was offended by this. All the holy places are very sacred to us.” “The pictures and posts have been removed from all our media channels. Again, we apologise wholeheartedly for hurting the public sentiment. Believe us when we say we had no such intention.” On the other hand, Pakistan Punjab Police in a statement said that they are investigating all aspects related to this incident and strict legal action will be taken against those responsible. “Management of the concerned brand & model are being investigated. Worship places of all religions are equally respectable,” reads the statement, as per the report.
    • I know some parents who think it won't look on the kids' CV when applying to University etc and worry that they might not be able to integrate as well into society.  I don't know though. A lot of Jewish and Muslim children in North London do well and go to good university/courses.  I hope there are not problems with these projects because of greed of individuals running them. There are not even many 'Sikh schools in India or Punjab. The Christian schools in Punjab seem to be a lot more popular. 
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