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    • Kinda kills the Teesra / Niara Panth narrative, though, doesn't it?  Something has to come from something else, but those lines of demarcation are becoming blurred with each day.
    • I don't think it is just that. A lot of academics have a sort of secular western mindset too. A lot of them have taken the Singh Sabha ideas and have gone to extremes with them. When I was younger, there seemed to be little understanding of puratan Sikh ithihaasic texts (like those we are looking at in this thread), which were all pretty much branded as 'Hindu accretions' because the writers referenced commonly accepted Indic concepts and such in their narratives. I think colonialism sort of created a dual-abrahamic mindset amongst many educated apnay, and they went to extreme lengths to separate Sikhi from Hindu matt, even going to the extreme of vilifying their own historical texts because they couldn't grasp the contexts with the duality mindsets.  It's really good to see a generation who can study and analyse their own historical texts without the paranoia the olders did. 
    • I shouldn't have been so harsh for your honest opinion. Sorry about that. Guess I can be an ar5e as well.  I thought the book was really good in how it explained those moments of stillness that you can sometimes get if you're lucky when meditating (simran). Those moments (what he calls the power of now i.e. being in the moment unencumbered by the baggage of the past, as well as concerns about the future) are psychologically and spiritually rejuvenating.  And I didn't agree with all he said, I just thought he helped elucidate a purpose of meditation very well.     You should maybe try reading it again, because you might be in a different mindplace now, and be able to take more out of it. I should read it again too sometime.   
    • This is the problem with the proposed solutions  with 'policing'. For every bad officer, there are plenty of more good police officers.  Been listening to a lot of podcasts and interviews regarding policing and there is agreement that there needs to be better training and better filtration of better candidates.  The BLM are talking about de-funding police, but what does that even mean? If you stop funding for policing, there is no law and order and it gets worse.  You get more crime, those areas become no go areas and who are the perpetrators, they are black. Who are the victims, they are black. More blacks get killed.  You end up with a worse problem than before. 
    • Where do you live? I doubt it is India, your English doesn't have any 'Indianism' in it. What do you want Sikhs to 'compromise' on ? Sikhs might be 'overly emotional' but that is also a strength when needed. Probably something Bengalis lack. Sikhism and Hinduism in many opinion, as well as Buddhism do share a lot spiritually
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