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    • The ASI  tried to deman bribe of 500 rupees from the driver, when this kiritigursikh refused the Ahole got his mates to back him by firstly threatening the fifteen old son like this  
    • This is true. Maybe not even his great great grandfather . Not everyone joined Khalsa army. Not everyone had the resolve of historical martyrs we remember.  We really don't work on ourselves. And expect godness 
    • Yes that is the mentality of the police, so why fall into that trap? In the video, there was a 20-30 second gap before the police came out of the station. If the guy used his brain, he could have used those 20-30 seconds and made a getaway.  They were on foot, he had an auto-rickshaw.  He had an altercation in front of a police station. What did he think would happen? The problem with sections of our quam is that they have an entitlement complex based on past glories. Your great great grandfather was the warrior not you. Being a Sikh is not going to give you an exemption from a kicking, neither is it going to give you super human strength. These films like Singh is King and Sunny Deol films like Ghaddar and Border don't help either.
    • I think if you're going to use your wealth to support a religious purpose then you need to show where the money's coming from, the amount of time I've seen people launder money through Gurdware is ridiculous.  
    • I agree with you in principle, we do tend to have a hot-headed mentality but I think he would have been assaulted by the police, either way, it's just the mentality of the police in India. When a basic police officer has no chance of promotion and is paid peanuts he's going to do everything he can to top up his salary, unfortunately, in India, it's done by extorting money from the average joe on the street, when the average joe disagrees then this kind of thing happens (all too often), either way, it's police brutality.  

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