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Guest Random

I want to start praying but im confused ...

I know the ideal prayers you should do daily are 'japji sahib', 'rehrass sahib' and 'kirtan sohila'.

When I wake up im tired, its too cold to change yet alone have a shower.. so how do I do japji sahib?

* I wash when I come back home, and that's when I do rehrass but im not constant with it.. :/

kirtan sohila I don't do :/

I wanna do all three but like is it ideal you wash? and I am a meat eater, sometimes I eat meat sometimes I don't? what do I do if I ate meat on that day?


im a teenager.

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what do you mean by "all three" OP Ji ?

Daily "Ideal prayers" are actually 7 not 3, ardas to be followed (you don't have to read it from Gutka sahib, whatever you have on mind would do the magic).....


Japuji Sahib

Jaap Sahib

Twa Prasad Swaiye

Chaupai Sahib

Anand Sahib (full) and finish with ardas


Rahras Sahib (including chaupai sahib and 5 paurhis of Anand Sahib) and finish with ardas


Kirtan Sohila and finish with ardas

This is just FYI

Coming back to your issue...

You can listen to the morning paths any time during day based on your situations, Rehras sahib evening and Kirtan Sohila before going to bed.

For Kirtan Sohila what you can do is......print off the Kirtan sohila path and paste or hang it on the wall and before going to sleep read it......after doing this for a while regularly, you'll memorize it and then you can do it while you r in bed ready to sleep......

regarding meat, you won't quit meat if anyone asks you to.....but now that doesn't mean you shouldn't start doing path until you quit it.....it's hardly possible unless Guru Ji shower HIS blessings..........so if for some reason you can't do it......listen to it at home, in car, at work etc......

Hope this helps

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Guest Random

I know theres bani's but the main ones are JAPJI, REHRASS SAHIB AND KIRTAN SOHILA.

Thankyou for your sugesstions gonna take you up on the kirtan sohila one .. lovely and bright idea.

regarding listening to paat.. is that possible like say if im in a train? (I once listened to paat but it doesn't feel the same as reciting it by word.. )

situations :| aaaaaargh.

regarding ardass is it important..? like to do it after rehrass sahib and kirtan sohila. and if so why cant u do it in the mornings after japji sahib?

can you by English translation books on ardass or kirtan sohila or chaupi? im intrested.. and when should you do chaupi sahib? I lovveeee it so much when it comes in Sikh channel amazingggggggggggg!

and btw if I don't do japji sahib can I ardass in place of it? - chardi khala for the world.

thankyou for you suggestions though but more answers are wanted please :)

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on youtube look up bhai jarnail singh chaupai sahib etc and you'll find english translations of the banis. once you take amrit you cannot substitute other banis/ardass for japji, the minimum is as stated by tuhintuhin, but you can add on more banian if you want. the formal ardass is meant to be done after the morning banis and after rehiras as well. it's also smart to do a small prayer *anyting you want( after anytime we do meditation/paath. you can do chaupai sahib anytime. you can also listen to banian anytime on ipod or in the car etc. happy for you that you're taking steps on this path.

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Op ji....well it's the fact that doing it by oneself and lestening are twoo different things and doesn't give that much anand.....but when listening you can actually recite bani in your mind or mouth at the same time.......and this is just an option while utilizing the time on train or car...if one doesn't have time to sit down and relish the bani................

for ardas, waheguru ji it's important in the sense that we are actually asking for forgiveness for the mistakes we might have done while doing path....and for anything you have in mind.........anything like bhul chuk maaf, sarbat da bhala, panth di chardikala, etc.....just like talking to Guru sahib.......ardas can be done anytime or all the time....meaning no boundation.....sikhs jeewan should be an ardas.....24/7 Guru sahib naal gallan kari jawe .....ehi galaan ardas ban jandian ne.....same like chaupai sahib like abpve veerji said....anytime......it's only rehras sahib and keertan sohila to be done at dawn and night......rest of bani's can be done whole day if you want,,,,,I am not saying it shouldn' be done at amritwela....but for some reason based on individuals situations if this isn't possible.......it can be done any time......

keertan sohila, is basically the composition of "protection" / "rakheya" shabads,,,,,and stuff like ghosts, fear, darkeness, bad dreams or anything bad in realityb doesn't happen....

and it depends on you how much path you want to do...you can start with whichever path you like to do....and waheguru ji will endow HIS kirpa and you'll automatically start on the reast of banis......

.....take it easy.........if you start pushing it on yourself, your mind and interest might start running away from it.........like a spring......

Guru bhalla kare

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Guest Random

Thankyou, for your explanations on the banis it actually helped to realise and understand the importance :)

kirpa kareh rab on you both and the rest of the world, thankyou ever so much!

written it all down now :D

soo happy! rab rakeh! and Guru bhalla kare to you both aswell :)

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