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    • "the human hair is also where we store surplus energy or chi for our body. When you reach great states of peace/enlightenment the body starts to secrete what taoist masters call the golden elixir. This is literally the fountain of youth in spirituality."  "In many cultures, the cutting of hair by oppressors was a punishment or humiliation, signifying defeat. The shaving off or complete loss of one’s hair, even in modern society, often symbolizes a seismic shift within a person, whether spiritually, psychologically, medically, or in the direction of their lives." "The story of Sampson and Delilah in the Bible has a lot of encoded truth to tell us. When Delilah cut Sampson’s hair, the once undefeatable Sampson was defeated."  "Yep,it was actually a "punishment" for "criminals".Gurdjieff mentions in Beelzebubs tales that shaving the beard and cutting hair were "odd" and less than desireable customs. Most American Indians believe cutting their hair is akin to cutting their spirit."  ".Hairs are tools to trap the divine energy and whenever needed by thE body for healing, that(traped energy) energy is transmuted to the affected place and heals the affected area of our body.....Like battery holds electricity ,, Hairs holds divinity."  "Hairs have the properties of antenna to catch the cosmic waves! Have you heard of induction theory in physics? And the resonance principle? The hairs resonate with the higher energy of akashic realm. You can sense the difference if you carefully sit in barber shop and subtly observing the lose of energy or confidence when hairs are being cut! Why Englishmen cut down the hairs of native Americans ? Why Genghis khan forced Chinese pulpils to cut long hairs and wear a metal cap? "   These are some copy paste info I found and saved, there's more. It's interesting to say the least. 
    • Totally agree, bro. It's the mauj (the marzi, or own desire or will) of God. We are simply to bow our heads before Him. Dhan Waheguru.
    • triggered by my meat post and now you came here. You "lol" at the Dasam Granth and call me disrespectful. I am done talking with you.  
    • For me it's more why do you have to be all controversial and rude with your new troll account?   Nobody asked for your input on these topics. You need to do you Kid and if you got something to add here be respectful. Or be dismissed like the troll you are. 
    • why do you need to justify to a Gora? This is exactly what I am talking about. Thanks for saying this.  Because of this attitude, people add their own reasons "like accepting God's will" etc. But Guru Ji never said this. Guru Ji simply gave Hukam, and as Sikh we follow. Trust me if you are worried about how this answer of might come off, it's a lot more impressive  than giving a reason like "we live in Gods image" . And because that is a made up answer there could easily be many objections to that.  The real question and topic of this post is, Why do you feel the need to Justify Guru's Hukam of keeping hair by adding your own made up reasons. 
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